The Gifted Will Air Mondays On Fox, First Images Debut, Viral Marketing Begins

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If you’re as hyped as we are after that trailer for The Gifted, then you’ll be excited to learn that there’s quite a bit more coming.  According to our friends at Heroic Hollywood, the show will air at 9 pm.  That puts it right behind DC fan favorite Lucifer which should be a nice lead in for the freshman superhero show.  Heroic Hollywood also posted some brand new images from the pilot here.  We get a look at everything from the Struckers to the mutant network that they’re about to join, and with a tagline like “you can’t run from who you are” it seems like they’re not playing around.

When Fox released their new schedule they also released multiple photos of The Gifted.  You can check out the photos in our gallery below.  We get plenty of looks at the struckers, hopefully more photos featuring Jamie Chung’s blink and Thunderbird will be released soon.  We’re absolutely in love with this focus on the resistance of a corrupted regime and can’t wait to see more of the fledgling X-Men TV show.  Neither can Fox apparently as they’ve put out a promotional campaign in honor of the Fox Upfronts Today.

According to “Sentinal Services” will be making the rounds in New York City testing people for the X-Gene.  While some people might be asked to play along and told they’re a part of homo-superior, the cool part of this is that Fox has partnered with an ancestry company.  Within a month you’ll get a print out telling you exactly where you came from.  Much like  While typical ancestry tests cost hundreds of dollars, this one is free and while you might have the X-gene, knowledge of your history and heritage is priceless.


Are you excited? we love immersive marketing like this.  Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think of the efforts to promote this fledgling television show.  The Gifted airs Mondays at 9pm on Fox.

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