Will New Heroes Rise? – Jessica Jones Season 2 Theories

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Hello there, True Believers. The first trailer for the long awaited mini series The Defenders recently debuted. Also, filming for the second season of Jessica Jones, one of the team’s members, just recently started. So far, they are being pretty hush hush about it. So, I decided to talk about some of my theories for season 2 of Jessica Jones and where I think things are going. Just to save time and make it more streamlined, I divided it up into four categories. These are what I think the plot will be, who I think will return from last season, who the villains could be and new allies for this season.



Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This one is easy. I think the plot of season 2 will be focused on the origins of Jessica Jones. We know all the stuff that happened with Kilgrave, but what happened before that? I believe that we only touched the surface of that part of her life. We even had a scene where Trish pulled out a super suit that Jessica wore at some point. I believe that we will even get flashbacks to her pre-Kilgrave days. Also, I think we might delve more into the chemicals that gave her powers or the people that gave Nuke his, if they aren’t one and the same.

Lastly, I do hope and believe that part of the plot will be dedicated to Trish’s transformation into Hellcat. She’s already had trained and even helped Jessica fight Nuke. Maybe she could get in touch with Matt’s friend Melvin. My theory for her is that she will become Hellcat in secret. Maybe we hear about her taking down bad guys in the background. Then, Jessica and Hellcat have an altercation where it is revealed to Jessica and non-comic reading viewers that Trish is Hellcat. I think Jessica will not like that she’s doing it, but also won’t stop her.

Returning Characters

This is a tricky one. The only characters confirmed so far are Jessica, Trish and Hogarth. I hate to say it, but I think the only other ones that are sure to return are Nuke and Malcolm. A lot of the key characters from season one are dead or traumatized. Even Luke Cage is still up in the air, as he has his own show now. I think his involvement depends on Claire’s fate in Defenders. Some speculate that she might be the Coulson for that show – the death that binds the team. If she dies, I think he’ll be there as much as season one. If not, I think most we’ll get is an extended cameo. Honestly, I think the teammate we will see the most in Jessica Jones season 2 will be Matt Murdock. The stuff she does gets her in trouble a lot, and the two seemed to have great platonic chemistry in the Defenders trailer.


As I said before, I do think Nuke will return, but he won’t be alone. He was a very imposing figure in season one. However, he didn’t seem that smart. I feel that he will fill a similar role to Shades on Luke Cage. I mean in the since that he was a big villain for the show, but he was never the big bad. He always worked for them. I feel like the big bad will be a lot smarter than Nuke. Maybe they will even be a scientist. It would help keep the same theme as season one: brain versus bran. Said scientist could be the one who invented the chemicals that gave Jessica her powers or the ones that give Nuke his. It was recently announced that award-winning actress, Janet McTeer, was joining the cast in a mysterious role. I could easily see her being said scientist or a different kind of big bad.

New Allies

If not the big bad, I could also see her as a mean but loving mentor for Jessica, similar to Stick or even Blind Al. Jessica is going to need help – especially since, like I said, a lot of her supporting cast were killed or traumatized. I have a feeling the season will consist of mainly original characters and a few lesser known ones like Dr. Curtis Moss and reporter Kat Farreli. Conversely, Daredevil did bring the big characters of Electra and Punisher into their second season. So, you never know. Even though I’d love to see either get their own series, two big characters I could see for next season are Spider-Woman and White Tiger. Spider-Woman and Jessica are friends in the comics, and she played a part in the Alias comic, the comic season one was loosely based on. Also, I could see them easily altering Spider-Woman’s origins to tie in with Jessica’s. As for White Tiger, her alter ego was referenced in season one, and she could thematically tie into Daredevil and Iron Fist, given that she is a costumed vigilante enhanced by mystic energy.

All that being said, at this point, anything is possible. They could do things no one expected, and probably will. I would really like to see some of this stuff come true, but if they don’t, I will be totally fine. I trust they know what they are doing. No matter what happens, I’m really excited. Season one of Jessica Jones is still my personal favorite show for Marvel Netflix. What would you guys like to see in season 2? Who would you guys like to see in season 2? Who do you think Janet McTeer is playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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