The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the August 2017 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s August solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Josh, Louis, Scooter, Tatiana, Jay  

Editor: Kat


Kat – After almost three years from Jane’s debut as Thor, we are finally getting a team up between her and Odinson. This is one of the Generations titles I’m most excited for.

Josh – I will be collecting the entire series of these. Marvel first teased these a couple months ago and they’re finally here. Here’s to hoping these uniquely crafted stories are as entertaining as they are visually impressive.

Scooter – I’m not 100% on how I feel about this new project yet, but to say the least it does look interesting. I’m sure what expect. I’m certainly glad that it won’t be released like a crossover event because the high heavens know we need to dial it back from those, but it will be interesting to see how Marvel addresses this idea of heroes sharing titles.

Tatiana – I’m a little confused about the premise of Generations as a whole, but I think it’ll be interesting to see the two Thors interacting. Jason Aaron has done an excellent job so far, so I look forward to seeing where he takes this one.


Kat – This team up ties in nicely with the recent events of the Jean Grey ongoing series. It will be nice to see the 616 Jean Grey again, it’s been too long.

Tatiana – As iconic as the Dark Phoenix storyline is for the X-Men, it’s absolutely not something I want to see repeated for the newer, younger Jean Grey. I’ll definitely be checking this one-shot out, but only on the condition that the dark fate is averted!

Jay – So as I predicted (and I think most fans) this is about time travel. I think the one I am most looking forward to is Phoenix & Jean Grey, having that one set at a specific time in the life of Jean Grey is going to be cool, the rest of them appear to be there to just be there, and not surrounding any true moment in comics, but Phoenix & Jean Grey does, and that is something I am looking forward to.


Kat – Still not sold on Totally Awesome Hulk, but glad to see Bruce back!

Tatiana – Isn’t Banner dead, or did I miss another event? This is the only issue I have with some Marvel titles – it’s so hard to keep track of what’s going on!


Kat – Tom Taylor writing a team up for Logan and Laura, sign me up!

Tatiana – After the glory of Logan, I’ve been thirsting for a comic book team-up between Wolverine and Laura. Both of their characters are so well-written in the Marvel universe so far, and I’m definitely excited to see what’s in store for this one-shot.

Jay – After that I guess it would be Wolverine & All-New Wolverine, this can be a real emotional one with Laura being given the chance so few are, to say goodbye to someone they love. I wonder how that one will play out.


Kat – This is a team up we have seen plenty of times, but it’s always fun to see these two banter with each other.

Tatiana – Kelly Thompson is one of my favorite comic book writers at the moment, and Kate Bishop is one of my favorite heroes. Even though I’ve never read Hawkeye for Clint Barton, I love his dynamic with Kate and wouldn’t miss this story for the world.


Josh – The end of a long road for the Avengers, Captain America, SHIELD, Hydra, and the multitude of heroes caught up in this epic war. Here is to hoping that Secret Empire is able to deliver on the promise. Here’s to hoping that, even within the predictable, there are some magnificent turns and twists to round out this series.

Scooter – The cover is everything I’ve been waiting for. Steve facing off against Cap. Inevitably the Secret Empire will have to fall, but I wonder if any retribution will come of it. What will this mean for Sam? What will this mean for Steve? What will this mean for Captain America?

Jay – Nothing to really go off here. I would have liked more solicitation. So far Secret Empire for me has been a disappointment, it feels like every issue is bland with one page designed to get people to talk about it online and such. I rather have more actual content.


Jay – Interesting they dropped the subtitles, no longer Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, just Captain America.


Josh – Another series promising to wrap up some important storylines from the Secret Empire series. Everything begins to crumble around Captain America as Hydra’s empire topples. How will Marvel handle the future of Captain America? How will the Cosmic Cube be used? There’s a lot of power in that little cube, but is there enough to put back the pieces of a shattered empire?

Jay – I am a sucker for a good Invaders story so only looking forward to that.


Scooter – This cover has me hype! Margaret Stohl has been giving us a great story with Captain Marvel and I’m ready to see it expand into something more. This Cover reminds me something of The Carol Corps though I know that’s not what it is, the name still comes to mind nonetheless. In any case, I anxious to see who this old villain is, and what kind of challenge they bring to Carol.

Tatiana – Carol’s latest run has been a somewhat convoluted story so far, but it’s still capturing my interest. I wish the individual issues didn’t have to also have to be Secret Empire tie-ins, but I hope it provides Carol a redemption in reader’s eyes after Civil War II.

Jay – So they lock all the big guns off world and now they finally defeat the Chitauri


Tatiana – I’m deeply invested in Jean’s story so far, and I like seeing Emma Frost as a villain. Where she belongs! I also don’t think Cullen Bunn has ever disappointed me, so I read everything with his name on it even if it’s not my usual fare.

Jay – This tie-in looks good. I like the pairing of Jean and Jimmy given both their histories. I hope they really spend time developing them as characters and not just be a Secret Empire tie-in.


Scooter – Doctor Strange! What is going on! Has Baron Mordo finally gotten hold of his long-lost rival? I love the direction of Doctor Strange… mainly because it’s impossible to follow! The story takes so many loops, twists and turns, as it should- to keep the book interesting! What would Doctor Strange be, without being Strange? I can’t wait to see what Hopeless has in store for us.


Louis – One thing I enjoy about Secret Empire is how it allowed Dan Slott to bring back Doc Oct sooner than later. Plus Oct’s mind is in a Peter Parker clone so now he’s the Superior Octopus. This arc hasn’t started yet but I’m super psyched.

Jay – This could be the end of Parker Industries. I think this could be them cleaning house prepping for Legacy, to get SPider-Man back to basics.


Scooter – So much awesome on one cover! The line-up for this book is amazing, and with them now introducing some of our favorite british heroes from Excalibur such as Faiza Hussain, and unexpected guests like The God of War, and teams like the Troubleshooters, we are bound to have lots of great fun! Given the Tie-in to Secret Wars, I’m thinking this is going to be a fastball Steve didn’t expect.

Jay – They still need to answer how you can kill an immortal, Cannonball is immortal.


Scooter – After reading the debut issue of Secret Warriors I was in, especially when they sweetened the pot with the addition of Karnak to the team. I’m happy to see him still around a few issues later. I’d love seeing them bust a few Hydra heads as they fight for the greatness of Inhumanity.


Louis – This looks like an interesting tie-in since this is Hydra Cap’s new Avengers. I’m curious about why Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Odinson are working with Hydra but it will most likely be mind control.


Scooter – I was wondering where The Champions would be, going forward after the last issue of Secret Empire. I was uncertain, but now it looks like the heroes are indeed scattered and playing sort of a hiding role from Hydra, based on this cover. I’m interesting to see how they react in the midst of the rise of the empire after they worked so hard to create a movement.

Tatiana – It’s sad to think of the Champions broken up, because what I like best about them is their united front. But I’m sure it’s something they can work through relatively quickly, and I look forward to whatever individual spotlights they each get because of it.


Josh –  This series promises to deliver on an enormous amount of Inhuman lore. Within these stories are the fermented relationships we’ve come to know and love with the Royal Family. Only for the first time in Inhuman history, the story has yet to be written. How Christopher Priest handles these origin stories will long be remembered and critiqued, but most people believe the Inhumans are in great hands.

Tatiana – Don’t throw rocks at me, but I’m only going to be getting this series for the two-page Ryan North backup in every issue. If he writes it, I read. I don’t make the rules, just follow them!

Jay – I’m looking forward to this to see them explore Black Bolt and MAximus as kids.


Scooter – Lockjaw is getting his own book! Glorious! This I did not expect, and this I WILL be buying! Perhaps it’ll answer the age-old question? Lockjaw Before terrigenesis- Human? Or dog?


Louis – So this is happening. Seems weird since they are including the number of Ultimates issues from another comic line. Also this is most likely the way Marvel can restore the original numbering to their popular titles.

Scooter – A doublesized issue of one of Marvel’s best books? And Eternity is free!? Yes! Please sign me up! I’ve been following and loving The Ultimates, but this has me waiting with great anticipation! What happens when two entire sets of reality clash? I can’t wait to find out!

Jay – I am looking forward to seeing how Al Ewing brings in the Ultimate Universe Ultimates into this title. Why is this #100? Marvel needs to learn that you can’t just add up any series with similar names to get a higher number.


Kat – This series has been surprising me with every issue, glad to see they are still focusing on Riri’s relationship with AI Tony.

Tatiana – I’ve been waiting for the Tony Stark A.I. to go rogue since it first appeared, so I’m here for this arc! I’d miss his banter with Riri, though, so hopefully they can work something out.

Jay – I hate the inconsistent continuity at Marvel. TOny is good in Secret Empire, evil in Invincible Iron Man. Pick one and go for it. COMMIT


Jay – I am looking forward to Weapon of Mutant Destruction, given the history of Hulks and Wolverines, this can be awesome.


Kat – Looks like Tamaki is giving a nice twist on the Hulk narrative with this arc, and it doesn’t hurt to see more of Patsy!

Tatiana – I think we’re all mourning the loss of Hellcat’s title, so seeing her more involved with Jennifer’s story is going to be a real treat. Not to mention this series has been an excellent character study thus far, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Jay – Nine months strong! My most Anticipated Marvel title again. I love the deep character study that this series has given us so far, I really feel like I am getting to know Jen Walters for the first time and I am loving it.


Jay – I am intrigued by the Ultimate Thor stuff.


Kat – It’s been too long since we’ve had a Human Torch and Spidey team, I’m very game for this!

Louis – Spider-Man’s fighting the Kingpin and teaming up with the Human Torch. This is awesome! I think this title will give us some classic Spider-Man stories that we’ve been missing since all the changes in Amazing Spider-Man.

Jay – I loved the FCBD preview and I am looking forward to this. I always loved the friendship with Peter and Johnny.


Louis – I’ve been waiting for this sequel for a while and now I’m curious about how Taskmaster fits into the mystery of the other Miles Morales.

Jay – I still think this is too late.


Jay – Gimmick or solid story? I am interested in finding out. I do like the premise behind some of these so far.

VENOM #153

Jay – I am still on the fence about how Brock came back, but I always did love him as Venom.


Jay – Not really feeling Miles in his own title lately. I just want him to be good again, hopefully this can start that.


Kat – I love this cover, more Mary Janes sign me up!

Tatiana – Oops, this is another situation where I’m more interested in the back-up story. I love Gwen and would read her title no matter what, but I’ve been chomping at the bit for more of Mary Jane and her band since the story started.

Jay – I love them exploring Earth 65, can’t wait to see her and Wolverine teaming up together.


Louis – Scarlet Vs Scarlet. This will be an interesting match up since Kaine was originally Ben’s archenemy during the 90’s Clone Saga.

Jay – I still have great hopes for this title. I hope they can turn around the Ben/Kaine rivalry and unite them as a team.


Kat – Normie has been one of the weaker aspects of this series, but I might buyest because MC2’s Normie Osborn is one of my favorite villains/anti-heroes.

Louis – Normie Osborn has been watching the Spider-Man family since the series began. This issue could shine some light on questions fans have over the fates of Norman and Harry in this timeline.

Tatiana – Is there anything more terrifying than a small child throwing a tantrum? Maybe a small child with an evil genius for a grandfather who just might be following his dark path. Looking forward to how the Parker family handles this one!

Jay – He looks damn creepy on that cover. With that said I am looking forward to this issue exploring him more.


Kat – One of my favorite titles on comic stands! Could this old friend be Bruno?

Tatiana – Friends becoming foes is always a tough one to handle, and I’m invested in this arc without even knowing any other details. I also like that it doesn’t say “Secret Empire tie-in,” so sue me.


Jay – Seems like they are trying to go for the slow burn with this team getting them together and I like that it opens them for more in depth character moments and development.


Jay – I am loving Iron Fist right now! I am also a fan of Shang Chi, so I can not wait to see these two pair up.


Scooter – Another #1 that recently released and got the book off to a good start. I’m curious to see what happens concerning Burstein’s death, and Luke’s newfound weakness. Also, this cover speaks volumes. Amazing creative work here. Loving the series already.

Jay – The first issue was AMAZING I hope they continue with that, if they do it will be my favorite Luke Cage Series of all time.


Jay – I am wondering what the secrets are.


Kat – Not a fan of the comic, but love the cover!


Kat – I’m very excited for this arc, I like that things are getting personal for Kate.


Kat – Looks like Silver Surfer is ending, it was a good run! But I understand with the delays on the book.

Louis – Sounds like the Surfer and Dawn’s fantastic journey will end. This is sad because this is the one Marvel book that always impressed me every issue.


Jay – If you didn’t pick this up when the series was released reward yourself and pick it up now. And if you did read it buy it again.


Louis – Finally we get some answers. Drax becoming a pacifist was one thing that wasn’t explained in the first issue and it really bugged me.


Louis – Thanos is leading the Avengers! Well this title got interesting again.


Kat – Is this finally happening? Is Peter and Kitty finally getting back together? I guess since one of them isn’t dead, they have a chance now.

Louis – Good news Colossus/Kitty Pryde shippers, this one’s for you.

Jay – This story has me super hyped! I can not wait to see how they explore the Russian stuff, and the continued relationship with Kitty and Peter.


Kat – I’m ready for a brother/sister team up!


Kat – I wonder how Psylocke is going to help Jean.

Scooter – I had to comment on this excellent cover and the feature of another of my favorite characters. Psylocke! And training a young Jean? I’m definitely here for that. Jean Grey’s series surprised me in its debut. I think it’s going to turn out great!

Jay – Loving the Phoenix stuff!


Kat – Things just got magical!


Jay – I am loving All-New Wolverine right now! I can not wait to see this arc, and yeah I want that fastball special too!


Jay – So enticing with that. I can not wait to see who the man was and what connections he has.

Generation X #5

Jay – I enjoyed the first issue, so I am looking to explore this new series and the new school.


Jay – I think I was right when I said that the X-Men from Battle of the Atom are from the same timeline as the past X-Men, and this Hank will become that BEast and instead of through science it will be through magic.


Scooter – Mace getting a canon series something to DIE for! I’ve been waiting to see how his story has been implemented in the New Canon ever since reading the novel Shatterpoint. I hope some of those foundations migrate over from legacy! Definitely will be listing all of these.

Jay – The title has me interested, could this be the beginning to even more mini-series? Jedi of the Republic could be a great series of mini-series.


Jay – HELL YEAH! My favorite Character from Rogue One is K-2SO so I am down for this! I can not wait to learn how he and Cassian pair up.

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  1. I love reviews so I will troll and add my two cents.
    * Ultimates #100 is renumbered due to marvel’s new Legacy series where several books will continue where their original book numbering would have continued.
    * Last Week’s X-Men Blue #4 saw the return of Ultimate Universe Jimmy Olsen, Armor, Mach II, Quicksilver and others. In August we get the return of some Ultimate universe Avengers. So could this be the return of the Ultimate universe or the characters from that universe becoming mainstays of Marvel prime?
    * Astonishing X-Men is missing from this review but what fans should know is it features Jaime Madrox… who died in Death of X. So is this a return or a flashback? We’ll find out.