Marvel Teases New Runaways Series

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Runaways Get Ready to Run

As if Runaways fans weren’t already excited enough after the debut of the most recent Hulu series trailer, Marvel has just released yet another Runaways Series teaser. This time it’s for a new comic series! The teaser image features Goth teen, Nico Minoru, who is arguably the most popular member of the misfit crew. The text reads “Just another Runaway Goth kid with a chip on her shoulder and too much baggage” flanked by a stunning image of the young sorceress with her ever present “Staff of One” in hand. In the classic Runaways headline font at the end of teaser, we see the words “Get ready to run.” The creative team has yet to be revealed, but whoever it is, we know Marvel will make a great choice to run alongside the live action series.

Runaways Series

The Runaways were created in 2003 by writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Adrian Alphona. The story follows a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are a part of a villain cult based in Los Angeles, known as The Pride. This group features street-wise mob bosses, mystical wizards, well- seasoned time travelers, powerful mutants, genius tech gurus and otherworldly aliens. After acquiring knowledge and resources from their parents, the kids go on the run.

The Marvel Runaways series that is set to premiere in 2018 will feature each one of these children: Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) is brains of the operation; Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), featured in the new series teaser, is the well fashioned goth sorceress; Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) is also known as Lucy in the Sky, a picture perfect girl with a desire to find herself; Gertrude Yorkes (Ariela Barer) a violet haired girl with too much maturity and enough “meh” for the rest of the crew; Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin) a sarcastic jock, with an eye for women, and a secret mind for engineering; and Molly Hayes (Allegra Acosta), the youngest member of the group, a super powered mutant that can give the Hulk two black eyes. Accompanying them on the series will be Ryan Sands, Angel Parker, James Yaegashi, Kevin Weisman, Brigid Brannagh, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, James Marsters and Ever Carradine.

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