Marvel Teases New Runaways Series with Chase Stein and Old Lace

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Everyone’s favorite Marvel teenagers look to be getting the pre-television release bump from Marvel in the form of more comics. This is something Marvel likes to do prior to the release of a major motion picture, Netflix series, or television as a means to drum up additional interest in the product. The Runaways are now getting this treatment in, what appears to be, a new ongoing series starring Chase Stein. Other characters from The Runaways have been confirmed and now Marvel has confirmed the return of everyone’s second favorite Marvel dinosaur — sorry, Devil Dinosaur will always be No. 1 simply because of Luna — Old Lace, and a previous tease was focused on Nico Minoru.

In an even bolder move, Marvel has given Chase a man-bun. As rule of thumb, man-buns are generally considered a no-no, but Chase pulls off the look in an almost Zlatan Ibrahimović way. Jokes aside, Marvel is using the time before the series debuts on Hulu to help generate interest and to introduce fans to these characters in a manner that will likely be congruous with the show’s direction and aim, particularly with  the character-driven aspects. The return of fan-favorites like Old Lace should be enough to bring back dedicated readers, but one would have to imagine that new readership is the key here.


What do you think of the build-up to the new Hulu series? Are you excited for The Runaways to appear on the mini screen? I am definitely going to check out this new series ahead of the show. I am not totally familiar with the Runaways outside of tie-ins to major Marvel events, but I think it’s high-time I’ve given my time to a group of kids with a similar story to mine. You know, minus the whole evil cabal for parents thing they had going on.  

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