REVIEW: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #2 – “The Grand Heist”

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Writer: Gerry Duggan
Penciler: Aaron Kuder
Colorist: Ive Svorcina
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 05/24/17
Price: $3.99


The Guardians of the Galaxy have been hired or rather blackmailed, into doing a variety of heists for the Grandmaster while he continues to keep the payment from them. The heist now? Steal the Hujahdarian Monarch Egg from the Collector. A humorous, mysterious and typical adventure for the Guardians ensues!


The issue starts off with the Guardians brainstorming what they could possibly do to get into the Collector’s place. Gamora has the fabulously terrible idea of them sneaking in through a Trojan Horse. What’s terrible about it? Having to exit through the Beat’s excrements.


The Guardians make enough noise to alert the guards quickly of their location. Gamora has no second thought and swiftly kills two guards – after learning they are robots. Star Lord and Drax eventually find the Egg. Gamora seems to be looking for something else in the collection, which is of suspicion to Rocket. As the Guardians try to exit, thinking they are safe, rather soon realize things are worse off than it seems. The Collector appears and it is revealed that the Guardians are walking on his fingers.


The issue ends with a peak at the other Groots are growing – with one grabbing a baby Groot and eating it. Spooky stuff indeed.


Duggan has been a joy to watch handle these characters. He is slowly but surely developing arcs for them. Baby Groot is stuck in Groot form and then there’s also the other Groot’s to wonder about. Gamora is hiding something from the Guardians and her inner rage comes through when she murders the guards with no question. Drax betrays his pacifism pretty fast by pushing someone off an edge.

What Duggan does so well with this story is the characterization of these characters. The dialogue feels exactly in tone with who each character is. Their closeness is felt by the way Rocket and Peter so easily notice something amiss with Gamora. Peter feels like the typical leader he is – giving big speeches here and there while also maintaining a dialogue with each character.By giving each character a small subplot, Duggan shows that each of the Guardians is important in their own right in this story. They are as dysfunctional a family as ever and it is a joy to read.

Somehow, All New Guardians manages to feel like a short read and a long read all in one. The ease in which the story flows shows that Duggan knows what he’s doing as a storyteller especially with these characters.


Kuder is a fantastic penciler to have against Duggan’s writing. He compliments the characters very well with his cartoonish art. He also has a knack for capturing the character reactions. Any little characterization done by Duggan would be mirrored instantly by the facial expressions or body language of a character. Even something as simple as the way a character is casually lounging feels perfect for each character.


The linework feels fluid and precise for each character. Peter, Groot and Rocket are all lounging casually as opposed to Drax who stands at guard and Gamora never allowing herself to stop and lounge. This attention to detail is outstanding and a joy to look at.

Svorcina also manages to take the already perfect linework and add colors that are exactly right. The cosmos are dark to highlight the danger always lurking for the Guardians. Each of the Guardians is given a bright color palette – even Rocket’s fur seems softer. It is a nice contrast against the Collector’s guards who are primarily darker colors and even the Collector himself who is just whites and grays.


When a new comic is beginning it’s hard to tell where it could be going. However, in All New Guardians, a story is being set up that proves this will be a comic to watch. Equal parts dark and humorous, it’s a story that is enjoyable for new and old fans alike. With the new movie out, there will for sure be a load of new readers looking to experience the Guardians in comic form. All New Guardians is a fantastic place to start! The story and art are captivating for any reader. A must pick up for sure.

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