REVIEW: Mosaic #8-“End of the Beginning”

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Mosaic #8 Review Cover Feature

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne
Penciller: Khary Randolph
Colorist: Emilio Lopez
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 5/24/17

Mosaic #8 Review Cover

Plot: Mosaic must battle the evil Diablo and his army of moloids!

Story: This is it. It’s felt like a long journey, but here we are with Mosaic #8, the last issue of a new, innovative origin run. This has been one of my favorite books over the course of the past year. The primary reason? Because it is new. Something brand new that broke the standard of falling in line behind legacy titles. Something interesting that implemented a kind of character that we don’t see often, that drove through a full character arc that highlights intense development. It’s bittersweet, because to me, the run was excellent and ended well, but I hate to see it end all the same.

What I like about this issue and the setup of Mosaic #7, is that this is where we really experience Morris’ transformation. In the last issue, his first possession, Fife, gave him a harsh, unadulterated mirror so he could really see himself. In Mosaic #8 that image doesn’t fade easily. He’s forced to look himself in the eye and become a better person. He even tried to go back to his old ways a few times during this issue, but when a real life stood before him, with the full weight of its feelings and emotions, Morris realizes that it’s impossible for him to be that cold-hearted.

Mosaic #8 Review Diablo

I think Diablo was a sublime choice of villain to complete his character arc. First of all, he’s Z list. You probably wouldn’t know who this guy was unless you’ve read old, old Fantastic Four comics. I’ve only actually seen him on page once or twice before this myself. Secondly, he’s a scientist and sorcerer of sorts. He’s not amazing in either of these aspects, but it helps lend us a hand in understanding Morris’ powers further. Given that he is Z-list, but trying to takeover the world, he’s enough of a threat not to ignore, but small enough for Mosaic to handle, and to keep from drawing the attention of more seasoned heroes.

So, here are a few things we learn about Mosaic’s power. He interacts with living things, but only real living things. Given that the moloids are largely homunculi created through alchemy (feeling some strong Full Metal Alchemist vibes there!), he can’t take them over in the same way that he takes over others. We also learn that magic is an effective deterrent for him, unlike psychic defenses. We learn this when he gets stung by Diablo’s magical wards.

Another thing I think the story hits on concerning his powers comes at the end. His conversation with Fife leads me to believe that because he was his first host, he’s a sort of anchor. He can’t possess him anymore but I think they have some sort of telepathic connection that would have them working together in the future, but it’s hard to tell for sure right now. Still, the kind of character that Fife is, would likely keep Morris grounded in the future.

Mosaic #8 Review Mosaic

This brings us full circle to the end of his arch. While fighting against Diablo, after experiencing the pain of Elo (the “real” moloid), he understood that life wasn’t all about living for himself. He talks to Fife again and apologizes. He acknowledges his faults and takes the first steps towards being a hero. At least it seems that way. Like I said, I think Fife is the foundation. I think Fife and Morris together would be the “hero.”

Art: I am SO happy to see that Khary came back on for the last issue! Man, through this run he has become one of my favorite artist. Talk about making anything look awesome? The moloids! I’ve never thought moloids have looked so cool before! Then the expressions, and Mosaic himself! I absolutely love the way he’s drawn. This is not a shot at any of the artists who’ve worked on the book, but to me Khary being the original artist for this character really put a staple in my mind of how he should look. Amazing work.

Mosaic #8 Review End of the Beginning

Verdict: I’m sad. I’m happy the run was so good, but I’m sad that it’s ending. I loved it. I want to see more of it. I want to see Marvel announcing a second volume with the same creative team. I know that’s asking for a lot but I’d geek to see it. Geoff Thorne,  Khary Randolph, and Emilio Lopez brought an amazing new character to the Marvel universe, and did it right. I want people to take after this example and establish great characters with great meaningful character arcs like this one. It’s not all about the branding and rehashing of the same titles and characters. Quality stories are so important and Mosaic remind us of this fact. Amazing run. Go buy it.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

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