REVIEW: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #17 “Let’s Go To the Mall! Today!”

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Writer: Kate Leth
Penciler: Brittney Williams
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC’S Clayton Cowles
Release Date: 04/26/17
Price: $3.99


The finale of our dear Patsy Walker has arrived and in typical Patsy style, it is ending in glory! A shopping spree for her friends thanks to that romance novel money. And one last chance to see Patsy bond with her core group.


Patsy wakes up to an envelope in the mail from her best friend Jen Walters. It’s Patsy’s lucky day! Jen finally was able to work her lawyer superpowers and help Patsy get the royalties for the romance books that plagued Patsy at the beginning of this series. Patsy has her first check! Hooray!


Better than that for Patsy is the fact that Jen also mentions that they will be together soon. A pervasive thought nagging Patsy was that Jen hated her, but the finale brings about a resolution to this and she still has her best friend. Next, Patsy decides to treat her friends Telekinian, Tom Hale and Jubilee to a shopping spree! Wow! A couple of “supervillains” try to ruin their spree but Patsy and the gang stop them. The issue ends with Jubilee thanking Patsy for what she has done and a nice little page devoted to showing Patsy in all her friendship glory.


The only way to describe a story such as Patsy’s is devotion, affection, and admiration. These are all things writer Kate Leth brought to the table when creating this tale. This was a story that focused on a character often hidden away from the mainstream. Yet, Leth managed to make Patsy feel like the most important character as she wrote her in the hopes that Patsy will feel that way herself. This final issue felt like the perfect way for the series to end. There was even a callback to villains from the early issues.


The moment with Jen. The appreciation from Jubilee and the love felt on the last panel showing just how important Patsy is. The story of this issue did not need to be grandiose or even have any sort of a plot. Leth knew this and simply let it be what it had to be: a story of devotion, admiration, and affection.


Brittney Williams and Rachelle Rosenberg have been a stellar dream team while working on Patsy. Every quirky line of dialogue was mirrored by amazing facial expressions done by Williams. Every silent moment was made loud by the shocking, questioning or confusing looks on the faces of the characters. Even the art was designed to make the reader care about Patsy. Williams drew her with care. Another hit was the costume designs of all the characters and how each choice felt uniquely them. On top of all that is Rachelle Rosenberg’s pops of color. The Walker Stalkers having the softest goth looks ever with their pinks, purples, and blacks.


The use of pink as a constant reminder of the bubbly nature of Patsy and a nice touch for Jubilee. Everything has a purpose with this team and it is greatly appreciated from the readers.


The finale of dear old Patsy Walker was a great one. Her journey has been an important one for me; watching her mend relationships, grow in relationships and grow from within herself is something not seen in many comics. The issue itself does not end with any big battle or glorious action sequence. It ends letting Patsy be with her friends. No friendships were damaged, no feelings hurt, everything is finally healed for this team. Where Patsy will go after this is unclear. But, wherever it is and however it falls – Leth, Williams and Rosenberg left behind a tale that will last long in the hearts of its readers. It’s a must pick up for anyone who has been following Patsy’s journey and for anyone who wants to see how it all plays out.

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