REVIEW: Silver Surfer #11 – “Timing is Everything”

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Silver Surfer #11
Writer: Dan Slott
Penciller: Michael Allred
Colorist: Laura Allred
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 05/10/17

Silver Surfer

Plot: Dawn Greenwood realizes her twin sister, Eve, is in labor. Now Dawn and the Silver Surfer race across 578 million light years so they don’t miss it. Unfortunately the duo’s trip back hits a road block known as Warrior Zero.

Story: Dan Slott’s storytelling is one reason I love this issue. While our heroes are pressed for time, Slott allows some humorous moments. One example would be Dawn quietly saying to herself “C’mon c’mon” during an award ceremony for the Surfer after helping the Bee people. It was also funny when Surfer talks to Warrior Zero about his ship before stating he can go twice as fast as he and Dawn leave the scene. Also Warrior Zero continues to follow the Surfer until Surfer at first fakes his defeat then later decides to take Zero out with one punch.

The other thing I loved about this issue was the ending. While Dawn and Surfer miss the birth of Eve’s daughter, this is not the worst news they receive. The duo arrive at Anchor Bay where they are greeted by Eve and her husband (both dressed in black) but Dawn’s father, Reg, is not present.  I liked how no one says to Dawn “Your father is dead,” but instead Dawn asks, “Where’s Dad?” When reading this issue for the first time, this was not something I expected. This ending felt like the opposite of the previous issue where Eternity moved the universe to reunite Dawn and the Surfer. Nevertheless this issue’s ending had the same level of emotion as the previous one, which makes this a fantastic issue.

Art: Michael Allred’s artwork is creative. He’s probably the only guy who can make a fight between alien bears and bee people look awesome. Also Allred is perfect at drawing facial expressions to match the character’s moods.

One really cool shot from this issue was Silver Surfer punching out Warrior Zero. A blinding white light surrounding everything represents the Surfer’s Power Cosmic. The only exception is Dawn because she’s behind the Surfer’s board. I enjoyed the color choices for this scene.

The final page’s layout fits well with the ending of the issue. The ending was a surprise and the final page is just a single panel on a black page. This layout feels somber and low-key which helps the reader figure out what happened since the issue does not say it directly.

Verdict: Silver Surfer is one of my favorite Marvel titles currently, and this issue is another reason supporting that claim. Dan Slott and Michael Allred created an entertaining story with an emotionally fulfilling ending. The ending also makes the reader wonder what’s next for Dawn and the Surfer. While this is not a jump-on friendly issue, it’s still a fantastic story that everyone should check out.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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