REVIEW: The Ultimates 2 #7-“Every Wall has Two Sides”

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Ultimates 2 #7 Review Cover Review

Writer: Al Ewing
Penciler: Aud Koch
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Release Date: May 17, 2017
Price: $3.99

The Ultimates 2 #7 Review Cover

Plot: The Ultimates are trapped outside of the planetary defense shields as the Secret Empire unfurls.

Story: Of the current ongoing titles with Marvel, The Ultimates 2 has been one of the best that the company has to offer. With that being said Ultimates 2 #7 wasn’t one of the stronger issues. I can’t lay the blame Al Ewing either. It’s not really a writing issue. The story was sound but, at the same time disconnected. It’s entertaining in the sense that quality writing is there but disappointing in the sense that this was clearly something that was dictated as a necessary happening due to the state of the Marvel Universe, thanks to Secret Empire. In my opinion, this is what is wrong with Marvel’s events.

In our last issues of Ultimates 2, we were getting into some heavy revelations concerning the universe, and its predecessor, The First Firmament. Our heroes exhibited new levels of their already fascinating abilities and the enemy was clearly defined. We were graced with nothing short of cosmic excellence in our last few issues, and it’s been amazing. Unfortunately, the editorial hammer came down and forced the Secret Empire tie-in to happen.

The most frustrating thing about tie-ins is that they are extremely difficult to understand without reading the major event that it comes from. Then, if you did read the major event issues, then you are usually stuck getting rehashing of information you already know, as it tries to explain it to the readers who are only reading this series. This covers nothing from the previous issues, but it has to be there, because the crossover event dictates it, and the book cannot simply ignore it. As I read this it felt like filler.

The Ultimates 2 #7 Review Monica Light Form

The Ultimates are trapped outside of earth’s planetary defense shield due to the call of the cosmic cube altered Captain America. They are literally stuck in space, forced to fight hordes of incoming Chitauri (also orchestrated by Captain America). For me, this was not interesting in the least. This is due to the fact that I am reading the Ultimates to follow the story that they are dealing with and It feels like Secret Empire is an uninvited guest, intruding on our party and begging for attention. My only solace is that, this seems to be the only issue that will do this

Art: I’m guessing this is being done for the sake of the Secret Empire tie-in, but the artist has switched on this issue. I have to be honest. I dislike it… greatly. For lack of better word, Carol is drawn ugly. The other characters don’t quite look like themselves nor or they a great rendition. Expressions are either off, or vague, and we can’t get a great match of dialogue to expression. It’s there, but it’s not as strong as I think it should be. It could be the nature of this issue. The general emotion is melancholy. But that’s it. While I don’t think Aud is a horrible artist I don’t think he stacks up to previous artists on this book. His skills might be better utilized elsewhere.

On a better note, the cover is amazing. Blue contrasts great with orange, and its amazing feature of Monica Rambeau displaying her powerset. The white of her hands and the water-like state of the body is an amazing effect, making for a beautiful cover. It’s been a while since she’s had her own cover and it’s nice to see her here.

The Ultimates 2 #7 Review Galactus Shield

Verdict: For one of Marvel’s best series, this issue was disappointing. I would recommend that you consider the fact that this will not cover anything that’s been happening in the series before buying this. If you are interested in the main Secret Empire story and want to know how they are affected, then pick it up, but know what to expect.

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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