REVIEW: X-Men Blue #2 “Exposition Time!”

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X-Men Blue #2
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Penciller: Jorge Molina
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 04/26/17

X-Men Blue

Plot: In this issue we learn how Magneto contacted the original X-Men. The reader also sees more of X-Men Blue‘s base in Madripoor, and discover the real reason Magneto assembled these particular X-Men.

Story: One of the selling points for this title is the original X-Men working with Magneto, the team’s former archenemy. Because of time travel, the first fight the original X-Men had with Magneto is still fresh on their minds. When Magneto meets with Jean Grey to form a new team, he naturally agrees to take off his helmet so Jean will know his claims of fulfilling Charles Xavier’s dream are genuine. Jean enters his mind and goes a little deeper and discovers Magneto’s memories of the Holocaust. After seeing these memories Jean believes Magneto and agrees to work with him. It’s disappointing this scene only featured Magneto with Jean instead of all five X-Men. However this could set up future flashbacks showing the reader how Jean manages to convince the boys to join because Magneto only wants the original X-Men for his team.

Although Jean discovered some sympathy for Magneto, this does not mean she trusts him completely. We learn that Jean has the team run Danger Room sessions that involve taking out Magneto if he turns against them. Meanwhile we learn some team members have their own individual issues. Bobby Drake is trying to make a long distance relationship work with the Inhuman, Romeo. While Hank McCoy continues studying magic, he starts to become more withdrawn from the rest of the team (which Cyclops notices). Apparently young Beast’s magic usage was an element in this team’s last title. Since Beast has always been a scientist this is a great way to separate the two Beasts other than their appearances. Also this scene encouraged me to read the previous All-New X-Men series.

Despite some good scenes featuring the X-Men, my only problem with this issue is Magneto’s motive. The last page reveals Magneto built a time platform to send the X-Men back in time. How long will this be a thing? Two previous stories (Battle of the Atom and All-New X-Men #19) already established these X-Men cannot be sent back. This just feels repetitive and a waste of Magneto’s character. I’m not saying Magneto and the team are going to agree all the time, but I don’t want them to finally fight Magneto because of this stupid reason.

Art: The artwork is this issue is amazing. I enjoyed the design choice for Magneto’s mind where we see numerous helmets floating around. The helmets help give the reader the impression that Magneto closely guards all of his secrets. Plus you get to see some older helmet designs which are fun easter eggs. I also enjoyed Jorge Molina’s facial expressions. The faces of the characters match the emotion for their dialogue which helps because this issue is less action and more character focused. Also the color choices for the X-Men’s suits are reminiscent of their first X-Factor costumes which are awesome.

Verdict: After an action packed first issue, the second issue of X-Men Blue decides to focus on the characters. We get an entertaining scene with Jean and Magneto working together. However, when the reader learns Magneto’s true motive, this makes the story feel a bit repetitive. Hopefully this will be fixed in future issues. Overall if you are a fan of the original X-Men then you should give X-Men Blue a shot.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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