Spider-Man: Homecoming Adds New Images, Standee, and Previews Its Spider Theme

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The marvelous summer continues with Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7th as more information about the web-head’s world continues to make it to the mainstream. What we know so far is minimal. There will be a few minor league Spider-Man villains getting a chance to swing (get it?) for the majors, Peter will team up with Tony Stark who after a decade in the MCU will become a father figure to the young inventor and budding superhero. We know Zendaya will play Peter’s love interest (and we’re very excited about that!) and we know that it’ll contain Spider-Man in an unprecedented coup for Marvel studios.

Let’s break down what else we know. Marvel’s hitting social media with a number of motion posters for the much wanted web crawler.  Hilarious videos and adding the hashtag symbol to the official account really drive home that this is a Peter Parker we haven’t seen – a Peter Parker in High School just like he was in the comics. While previous adaptations made Peter older, everything that we know so far proves that Peter is a kid just trying to be a kid.  It seems to be paying off. Check out a few samples of the motion posters and videos circulating the web.

Pretty cool right? Screen Rant added to the hype with a bunch of new images from Japan and Empire’s cover story features Peter and his pals in all their glory.  The Japanese photos are of particular interest thanks to the Japanese live-action Spider-Man series from Toei.  Yes, you read that right, a live action Japanese Spider-Man TV series where Spider-Man fought aliens in a giant robot. Check out the opening below.

We’ll be delving into the other live action appearances of Spider-Man as we prepare for Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the meantime check out the images from Screen Rant and Empire’s new cover below.

Finally, Tom Holland and composure Michael Giacchino took to social media.  Holland hit instagram to share a look at a new standee that’ll be coming to theaters in June to get people hyped for the film.

Meanwhile (and this is what we’re the most excited for), Giacchino, composer of Lost and The Force Awakens took to Twitter to share an iconic piece of music for the film.  Look out, Here comes the Spider-Man!

Are you excited? Getting hyped for the film? Share your feelings with us in the comments below web-heads! Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker and hits theaters July 7th!


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