Character Profile: Who Is The Adrian Toomes AKA The Vulture?

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We’re getting ready for Spider-Man: Homecoming by introducing you to the new characters who will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Homecoming will be a huge film – Iron Man and Spider-Man are sharing the screen and they’ll need a villain who can hold their own against the two of them combined. Marvel has the right actor in Michael Keaton, but who is Adrian Toomes? What kind of havoc will the Vulture create in New York City and just where did he come from?  Let’s break down the newest bird man that Keaton will be bringing to the screen.


While The Vulture is an alias used by multiple super-villains in the comics, Homecoming will focus on the original – Adrian Toomes – who has the longest history with the character.  A former electronics engineer, Toomes was working with a business partner who was embezzling money  behind his back.  After discovering how his partner betrayed him, Toomes lost his mind and trashed the office before taking his latest invention – a flight harness – and going on a crime spree.

The Vulture has engaged in multiple petty crime sprees, run multiple gangs, and been held captive in multiple SHIELD prisons. He has teamed up with multiple villains to take down Spider-Man, including fellow villain Electro. Between the two of them they almost beat Spider-Man to death. However, he isn’t always all bad. In fact, when Spider-Man went rogue in the comics post Civil War I, the Vulture was tasked by SHIELD with hunting down our favorite web head.



The Vulture possesses a flight suit that gives him augmented strength, flight, and the ability to lift heavy objects. It’s of his own design which makes it twice as special. He’s a brilliant mechanical engineer who’s so dangerous that once – when captured- he had his hands broken so he couldn’t create something he could use to break out. 

The suit does not come without limitations. Despite giving him longevity, exposure to the materials used to run the suit give Toomes cancer. The disease motivates many of his robberies. While Toomes has his weaknesses he’s proven to be a cold self-serving remorseless killer, an intriguing enemy for Peter and Tony to tackle. 


There’s a couple of major differences between the Vulture of the comics and what we know about Spider-Man: Homecoming. While we’ve been told little, we do know that the Vulture works for a salvaging crew who’s digging through the alien artifacts that scattered during the first Avengers battle. This gives us an opportunity to introduce the wrecking crew (or a variation thereof) a group of construction workers who find Asgardian artifacts. And if Toomes built a flight suit out of alien tech that might explain why it gives him longevity.

Given the corruption that’s taken root in Hell’s Kitchen it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that Toomes faces a corrupt industry who wants to steal his inventions either.  This makes for a perfect villain origin story.  Toomes has also appeared with Spider-Gwen, so it’s nice to see this villain end up in the MCU.  His remorseless bad guy devoted to his way of the world will be a nice change from complex characters like Loki and The Winter Soldier. Good villains all, but variety is the spice of life and the Vulture seems like a good fit.

  No matter what happens to the character it’s sure to be a great addition in a marvelous summer at the movies.  Are you excited to see Keaton play this new villain? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.  The vulture will soar into theaters July 7th 2017 with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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