Characters We Want to See in Marvel’s New Spider-Man Game for PS4

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Marvel’s New Spider-Man Game for PS4

Greetings True Believers, this one is for all you gamers out there. The giant video game convention E3 recently happened. A lot of upcoming video games were announced and/or shown off at this convention. One of the bigger highlights for me personally was the gameplay of an upcoming game currently being called Marvel’s Spider-Man. We got confirmation that it will be open world and we got to see how Peter moves in the game. Also, we got some confirmation of some characters involved in the game, including Kingpin, big bad Mr. Negative, Miles Morales, and a character named Yuri, presumably Yuriko Watanabe, a complicated Spider-Man comic character with heavy ties to Mr. Negative.

Knowing that these characters are going to be in the game got me to think who else we might see. I want to discuss who I think that could be with you. To make it more streamlined, I have split it into four categories: Civilians, Spider-Related Heroes, Non-Spider Related Heroes, and Villains. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Over the years, Spider-Man has always had a strong supporting cast of civilian characters. I think that the most obvious one should be in the game. Of course, I’m talking about his long time love interest Mary Jane. Another obvious choice I’d like to see is Peter’s frienemy/mentor/sometimes uncle J. Jonah Jamasen. If Peter is a photographer or not, I’d still like to J. Jonah in the game. I even think it would be cool if they incorporated more recent stories with him where he is Mayor and starts to appreciate Spider-Man.

Introducing of Peter’s newer civilian allies would be cool as well. One, who was around about the same time as Yuri, could be Carlie Cooper, She is a forensic specialist who works for the NYPD and a one-time girlfriend of Peter’s. If they wanted, they could use her to pull off a trope Hollywood loves so much, the love triangle. However, I think it would be cool if she were just a platonic friend or friendly ex who helps Peter with some forensics. Another newer character I could see in the game is Max Modell. He is the CEO of a company called Horizon Labs, a company Peter once worked for. Max was one of those cool characters who was friends with Peter because of Peter, not Spider-Man. He also happens to be the only other character besides Peter who is confirmed for the upcoming Spider-Man cartoon. Lastly, I think they would be remiss to have Max without Hector Baez. Hector is a lawyer, who is also friends with just the Peter side of Spider-Man. He also happens to be Max’s husband. Follow to the next page for Spider-Related Heroes.  

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