E3 2017 – Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Trailer

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Spider-Man PS4

The moment we have all waited for has arrived in the form of our first look at Spider-Man PS4! Sony saved the best for last during their press conference as we got to see the first 8 to 9 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming game from Insomniac Games. 

The footage shown has the player in the role of Spider-Man and as an older Peter Parker stopping a group of Demons from taking a Kingpin held area. The gameplay definitely reminds me of something similar to that seen in the Batman Arkham games and I can also see a bit of influence from Assassin’s Creed and even Infamous as well. It all plays well into the Spider-Sense that Peter has and it allows for him to pull off the maneuvers shown in the video. His non-lethal style of fighting definitely screams Spider-Man to me and it’s even made more so by having Yuri Lowenthal providing the voice for the character. Towards the end, we do get a run in with Mister Negative and while I do hope he’s not the only villain; he definitely feels like a pretty tough boss to take on in his own right. We do get to see Kingpin, although it’s through a brief video chat and phone call. By the end of it all, we see Spider-Man saving as many civilians as he can from the chaos that ensued from earlier actions made, through the help of well placed quick time events. You can check out the full trailer down below!


And if you didn’t catch that bit at the end, yes that is Miles Morales (or so we hope) recording the whole ordeal at the end. Is this just a sly way for Sony to promote their upcoming Spider-Man animated film with Miles? Or could this mean a possible multiple Spideys will be playable either from the start or as downloadable content later? But with a release window of 2018, there could be a lot hidden behind those closed doors so please stay tuned here for all things Marvel Gaming!

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