The Gifted Sends Out Viral Marketing DNA Kits, Shares New Clip

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We’re prepping for The Gifted and Fox is backing its second X-Men TV show in a big way.  During the Fox Upfronts people were ‘gifted’ with official Sentinel Services DNA tests. Sponsored by MyHeritage DNA, these kits test if people had the mutant genome. A few luckless (or lucky perhaps?) journalists were asked to play along and be escorted away if they were discovered to have the mutant gene. The tests were also real. Keeping with their marking, The Gifted DM’ed a few fans tweeting about the show and sent them a DNA kit – including yours truly at The Marvel Report.

It’s a fun little piece of viral marketing with real world results. In a month I’ll get my test back and find out if my family stories about where I came from are genetically true or just stories.  I might also find out if I have the mutant genome – who knows?  There’s nothing wrong with finding a greater sense of belonging in human society and finding out about the genetics that make it so.  If you’re curious about where you’ve come from, MyHeritage DNA kids retail for $79.  Pick one up and see if you’re “Gifted” before the show starts.

Fox is also helping people get ready for the show with a new clip focusing on the action of the series. The clip features aan Amy Acker voice over and more of a focus on the mutant action. What’s cool about this is we get some clearer shots of Blink, a mutant who is getting a bigger spotlight away from her tenure in the films thanks to the amazing Jamie Chung.  We’re already starting to formulate theories about the future of this family and the mutants of the underground they’ll be joining.  This clip is really getting us excited!

Are you getting hyped for The Gifted? Did you get a DNA kit? Share with us in the comments below and stay tuned to The Marvel Report for more X-Men and mutant goodness.

The Gifted premieres Mondays this fall at 9 PM on Fox.

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