A Brief History Of Spider-Man In Pop Culture

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With Spider-Man: Homecoming poised to swing into theaters July 7th, two things are certain. We’ll all be tired of spider puns by the time we hit the theaters and that Spider-Man will once again dominate the box office. It’s only natural, Peter Parker’s is one of the most recognized super heroes in the world. (In fact he ranks number 5 on a list of Empire’s most recognized superheroes in history.) He’s certainly one of the most bankable Marvel heroes with television shows, animated programs, comic books, multiple film reboots, and more. Now Peter will be getting a series of movies with Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios teaming up with Sony for Homecoming.  By our count this will be the 10th Spider-Man film.

How does Peter’s filmography stack up? Just how many places can you see the web head in live action? We’re excluding animation (there are multiple series) and sticking solely to live action simply. There have been 11 animated Spider-Man series complete with a new one coming soon to Disney XD and a brand new movie featuring Miles Morales coming soon.  Our criteria is live action films featuring Peter Parker.

From the current film to the crazy TV shows, here are some of the Spider-Man adaptations we’ve seen.

FIRST: Spider Skits

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