A Brief History Of Spider-Man In Pop Culture

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The very first live action appearance of Peter Parker dates back to the 1970’s.  It says something about the integrity of Marvel that one of their most popular characters was provided free of charge to the Children’s Television Workshop.  Together Marvel and The Electric Company produced almost 2 dozen “short skits” featuring puppeteer Danny Seagren as Spider-Man. He didn’t speak traditionally.  Instead he communicated through word bubbles much like a living comic book.

Tangling with future Hollywood A-listers like Morgan Freeman (as both Count Dracula and Easy Reader, the reader of Spider-Man’s comic adventures), the Super-Spidey shorts were a fun way to get kids introduced to good morals and values. These skits have the distinction of being the first live action appearances of Spider-Man, coinciding with Peter Parker’s first animated series.  These shorts are fun and perfect for little True Believers.

Plus who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman and Spider-Man sharing the screen?

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