Marvel Prepares Emmy Campaign With Stunning Crossover Photos

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The biggest promise of the Marvel Universe is the #ItsAllConnected hashtag. The shows and films of the MCU are all part of the same universe, as seen for the first time in a photos for Emmy Magazine. Posted by photographer Kremer Johnson, the images feature the lead actors from both Netflix’s The Defenders and ABC’s Agents of SHIELD together for the first time. 

It’s something fans have only dreamed of so far. We get a glimpse of what could be, complete with Luke Cage (Mike Colter) sitting next to Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennett) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) alongside Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter).  Producer and Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb is holding a Daredevil lunch box.  It’s reminiscent of a piece of artwork from the Agents of SHIELD: Season Three Declassified book that featured all of the show’s characters enjoying a lunch together

The stars of the small screen have danced around each other in a myriad of smaller connections. On Daredevil, Matt Murdock’s father was said to have fought Carl “Crusher” Creel (Brian Patrick Wade) who was in Inhuman on Agents of SHIELD. The Dogs of Hell from Agents of SHIELD played a part in the Punisher’s (Jon Bernthal) storyline in Daredevil season 2. The strands that connect the universes are there, it’s simply a matter of logistics and matching storylines between the seasons in order to get these people together.

 For both SHIELD and the Netflix series Emmy praise is long overdue. The Netflix properties have already garnered Peabody Awards and nominations. SHIELD  presented some of its most stellar performances last season with the Agents of HYDRA arc and the introduction of Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider.  Every actor, both in these photos and without, deserves to be recognized for their talent.  Here’s hoping that these pictures are the first sign of a bountiful awards season!

You can check out the photos below.

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 Agents of SHIELD returns in 2018. You can check out The Defenders on Netflix August 8th, 2017!

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