Marvel’s The Inhumans Trailer Debuts

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The Inhumans have at last arrived!

After the initial announcement, months of waiting, new posters and much more – the trailer has at last dropped for Marvel’s new royal family. Featuring good looks at everyone from Iwan Rheon’s Maximus who shares domination of the trailer, to discovering the beginnings of how Black Bolt ends up on earth (is Lockjaw a good dog or a bad dog? Hmm.) to giving us good looks at Ken Leung’s Karnak the trailer has a ton of fantastic highlights for fans. We get a good look at Attlian, a good long look. Check out the trailer below.

There’s a lot to discuss.  We know that Maximus is considered crazy but Iwan Rheon makes a strong case for the Inhumans no longer hiding (some Inhumans have had similar ideas in other trailers.) This confirms that the first few episodes at least will take place on the moon with the rest of them moving to Hawaii and causing trouble for the locals (but is it really trouble if you’re as cute as Lockjaw?).  The trailer even offers an explanation for Black Bolt’s signature “symbol”, focusing on his lightning bolt as a royal marker perhaps? Is that why he’s not wearing his signature mask because it belongs to “all” kings?

This trailer has us hyped and ready to see more. We want to see Medusa’s hair next, Gorgon’s hooves.  We want to know if the terregenesis will be similar to Agents of SHIELD or if The Inhumans will put it’s own spin on how one makes an inhuman.  There’s lots of characters we haven’t seen either, from Sonya Balmores Auran to Mike Moh’s Triton.   (OR did we miss Triton? There’s a lot to unpack here like we said).  Hopefully once more trailers are released we’ll get to see more inhumans in their full glory and more of just what this story will be.  The biggest stand out so far however has been Lockjaw as predicted. What a cute puppy!

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Break it down and share it with us in the comments below and as always stay tuned to the Marvel Report for all Inhumanly good news.

Marvel’s the Inhumans premieres in IMAX september 1rst and on ABC Network Sept 29th.

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