Miles Morales Spider-Man Film Adds Mahershala Ali

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The Tracking Board just dropped some excellent news about the Miles Morales animated Spider-Man film, whose cast is shaping up to be as exciting and star-studded as its live action counterpart. Executive Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller made headlines everywhere yesterday after being asked to step away from the Han Solo project mere weeks before principal photography wrapped, but they’re being talked about today for a happier reason.

Turns out that their untitled Spider-Man animated film has just added the voice talents of Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (MoonlightLuke Cage) and Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry. We previously learned that Shameik Moore (The Get Down) would be voicing Miles Morales, which is exciting in and of it itself – not to mention that Liev Schrieber will be playing the as yet unknown villain.

According to the Tracking Board, Henry will be playing Jefferson Davis. Davis is Miles’ father and a police detective, but his roles won’t be as large as Ali’s. Mahershala Ali will be voicing uncle Aaron Davis, who loves his nephew dearly despite engaging in some illegal activities. The only thing better than listening to Moore and Ali facing off in love and anger as nephew and uncle would be to see them do it in a live action Miles Morales film. But baby steps!

Bob Persichetti (The Little Prince) and Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians) are set to direct the Spider-Man animated film, while Lord and Miller co-produce it. Though they tend to write as a team, this movie’s words belong to Phil Lord alone. The character of Miles Morales, meanwhile, was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Picelli as an Afro-Latino teenager who took up the Spider-Man mantle in 2011. 

While he has made a few appearances in animation, usually from another dimension or world than Peter Parker’s, this will be the first time a film or series is actually about Miles Morales. Many thought he should be the lead of Spider-Man: Homecoming, so it’s some consolation to see him finally get his story told one way or another. And if the animated version does well enough, perhaps he’ll be introduced as a new first in Peter’s next movie?

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