REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #28 – “Osborn Minus the Green”

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Amazing Spider-Man #28
Writer: Dan Slott
Penciller: Stuart Immonen
Colorist: Marie Garcia with Andres Mossa
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 06/07/17

Amazing Spider-Man

Plot: Once again Spider-Man and Norman Osborn square off. However this time Norman doesn’t have his goblin powers and he’s disabled Spidey’s powers and equipment. Meanwhile, Silver Sable gets ready to take back Symkaria from Osborn’s goblin soldiers.

Story: Dan Slott’s dialogue skills are why I continue reading this title. Slott knows how to match the perfect tone to his characters in certain situations. He knows the right moments where Spider-Man can make wise cracks and when the hero needs to be serious. In this particular issue the way Norman Osborn speaks reminds the reader that he’s not the Green Goblin anymore. In past stories, Norman (in the Goblin mask) would be gloating or laughing maniacally. However, in here Norman is very stern and serious. There’s one scene where Spider-Man views how Norman’s face is messed up (botched cosmic surgery) and Norman’s immediate response is “No jokes. Understood?” The serious tone tells the reader that Norman doesn’t have an elaborate death trap, he just wants to end his conflict with Spider-Man once and for all.

Amazing Spider-Man

Even though this issue focuses mainly on Spider-Man and Norman Osborn, there are good moments featuring Spidey’s supporting cast. This arc saw the return of Silver Sable and in this issue she takes back her country from Osborn’s partner, Countess Karkov. Sable has a fencing duel with Karkov and wins. The resolution to Sable’s arc is entertaining and doesn’t detract from the main story. 

Another character who got a good moment was Harry Lyman (formerly Osborn). After Osborn’s goblin army is defeated, Harry arrives with the Uncle Ben Foundation to help with the relief effort. Harry tells Spider-Man that he’ll stay to help the people who suffered from his father’s actions. However Spider-Man tells Harry that he doesn’t need to pay for Norman’s crimes and that Harry’s his own man now. This scene shows how much Harry has grown as a character who’s more than just Peter Parker’s best friend or the Green Goblin’s son.

Amazing Spider-Man

While this issue is the end of The Osborn Identity arc, Slott uses this time to lay some ground work for future arcs. One example is Nick Fury telling Spider-Man that S.H.I.E.L.D. is officially cutting all ties with Parker Industries. S.H.I.E.L.D. trouble for Peter’s company. While I doubt this could mean a complete end for the company, it could lead to Peter loosing his CEO position. This could lead to Peter returning to New York and returning to his role as a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 

Another example would be the final scene with Osborn deciding to become the Green Goblin again. I had mixed feelings about this scene. While I’m happy there’s a future arc planned for Norman, it feels too soon to return as the Green Goblin. Plus seeing Norman fight Spidey without his Goblin persona was a nice change of pace. While Norman’s role in this arc felt like a step forward for the character, his decision at the end of the issue feels like two steps backward.

Amazing Spider-Man

Art: Stuart Immonen’s artwork is awesome. My favorite scene was Peter’s first strike at Norman after he disables Peter’s Spider-Armor. The way the panels flowed right after Norman asks what he ever did to Spider-Man and we get a flash of Gwen Stacy’s death make Peter’s attack at Osborn more striking. Also a funny scene that stood out for me was when Sable’s men stop Osborn’s missile by using the web shooters on planes made by Parker Industries. A large missile webbed up moments before it strikes the ground looks hilarious in my opinion.

Amazing Spider-Man

This issue featured some excellent color choices by Marie Garcia and Andres Mossa. They knew what colors worked well with the characters in each particular scene. One image that stood out for me color wise is Spider-Man exposed to Osborn’s power jamming gas. The gas’s purple color goes well with Spidey’s red and blue suit. Plus I liked how they emphasized the glowing lenses of Spidey’s mask which hold the reader’s focus.

Amazing Spider-Man

Verdict: Amazing Spider-Man #28 is an excellent conclusion to “The Osborn Identity”. Dan Slott writes an entertaining confrontation between Spider-Man and Norman Osborn and gives some supporting characters their own spotlight moments. My only problem with the story is Osborn’s decision in the final scene. Also the art team did an impressive job bringing this story to life with striking images. Overall, you should check this story arc out if Norman Osborn is your favorite villain.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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