REVIEW: Iceman #2 – “Clearing the Air”

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Iceman #2

Writer: Sina Grace
Penciler: Edgar Salazar & Ibraim Roberson
Colorist: Ed Tadeo & Ibraim Roberson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Release Date: 06/21/17
Price: $3.99

Iceman #2

Plot: Iceman is sent on a mission with Kitty to rescue a young mutant who has recently discovered his powers. The two X-Men utilize their time to work out some problems from their past that they pushed to the side.

Story: The story for Iceman is definitely an interesting one and a lot of that is a result of everything the character has been forced to deal with. The book really takes a subtle tone and while the issue focuses on a mission between he and Kitty, it quickly becomes all about the disconnection between both of the characters. The X-Men has always been about accepting people who are different and providing a safe space type of group for mutants of all shapes and sizes. This idea is the reason the X-Men as a whole are so highly regarded, because they stand for something very grand and accepting in a society that immediately rejects what it does not know. Iceman seems to be taking a larger focus on that, which to an extent works really well with Bobby as a character.

Iceman #2

The mission within this issue is about tracking down a new young mutant, but Kitty and Bobby run into bigger problems when they see everything this kid has to deal with. The young mutant comes from a small town and is being cast out by everyone, which is pretty sad to see. Not only does the story explain that random people in the town view him as a threat, but his own family and friends have even cut him off because of his newfound powers. This is what the X-Men is all about though, because the situation immediately becomes something that both Kitty and Bobby can connect with and seeing this boy be mistreated is something they can relate to. In fact, with how the story flows, seeing a kid deal with such a harsh situation like this feels like it is what actually pushes the two heroes to confront their unsettled past problems with one another.

Iceman #2

The story within Iceman is relatively quiet because the issue puts such a heavy focus on the discomfort between Kitty and Bobby. The two characters have so much history between them, but the biggest problem comes from the fact that upon their break up, Kitty felt like she also lost one of her closest friends. The writing by Sina Grace does a nice job of getting in touch with each of the individual’s feelings because Kitty and Bobby’s situation is no easy or normal one. While there feels like a lot more to be desired here in terms of Bobby’s individual story as Iceman, it feels like the story is going to be about the character fully rediscovering himself and his confidence.

Art: The art in Iceman is really solid, and there is a ton of great work done by Salazar, Roberson and Tadeo as a team. Everything has a really nice classic look to it, and the panels are set up and framed really well. The picture above of the young mutant having an outburst really nicely positions all of the characters, displaying these two sides battling over an individual who is still a person. Art can really say a lot for a story, which this team seems to understand.

Iceman #2

Yet, the artistic team behind Iceman also know how to have a bunch of fun with the hero and his powers. The character is notoriously a joker of sorts but still has “omega” level powers. Right now the book feels like it’s putting a heavy focus on the story, which comes with a lot of dialogue; however, this does not stop the art team from showing off Bobby’s powers whenever possible. Ideas like the snow golems paint fun scenes, looking like something out of a low budget horror film, but fitting into an Iceman story perfectly.

Verdict: Iceman is a book that has a lot going on because of how much history there is with this character and everyone he interacts with. The dialogue can be pretty heavy at points, but the idea that this story will start out with Bobby trying to find his place in this world isn’t a bad one. It would be nice to see the mutant come across some tougher situations though that force him to utilize this massive power he supposedly has. The art looks awesome but it would be really awesome to see their abilities used for some heavier action scenes and being able to bring Bobby’s incredible powers to life more.

Rating: 3.5/5

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