Captain Marvel Moves Filming To California

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Captain Marvel

Get ready true believers, Captain Marvel is coming to California! The first female led superhero will be the first Marvel film to shoot in California since the studio’s conception.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the superheroine joins three new films that will be shot in the state including Midway a World War II project by Roland Emmerich and a Paramount project under the working title Island Plaza.  

The latest round of tax credits will allocate $68 million to eight independent studio productions.  In essence, the state will give discounts to studios to film in state, shaving quite a bit of money off their budgets.  Previously, budgets under $75 million were ineligible under the state’s previous budgets.  Credits apply to in-state expenditures like location costs, helping the studio pay local businesses and hire local employees.

This is huge news and a major fiscal boon to the state of California.  According to Marvel Studio’s co-president Louis D’Esposito, the studio’s headquarters and post production facilities are in California and this move “will allow them to spend more time with their families.”

 “It’s very exciting to be able to film Captain Marvel here in our home state thanks to this California tax credit.  As a result, not only will we be able to streamline our production process for this and other films we’re working on concurrently.”

The eight film projects will employ more than 2,600 cast members and generate more than $385 million in qualified spending including wages for below-the-line workers. They also plan to film outside the 30 mile run  or “studio zone”.  Entertainment unions use the studio zone to determine the rates for entertainment workers.  Filming within this zone means using more union members and adding locations to this zone means that more people who work for unions can work in these areas.

There are a number of potential locations for Captain Marvel to potentially be set.  With the news that Captain Marvel will be set in the 1990s and feature Skrulls, is it possible that the famous Miramar Airbase may be a major filming location? Formerly the sight of the Top Gun films, San Diego has a massive military presence.  Will they be getting a Marvelous one as well?

Exciting news! What do you think? Sound off and share your feelings in the comments below and we’ll keep you updated with all things Captain Marvel!

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