Purple Man Returns in Jessica Jones #13 for Marvel Legacy

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Purple Man

Zebediah Killgrave, better known to the Marvel Universe as Purple Man, is making his return to Jessica Jones as Marvel Legacy kicks off this fall. Reported by Newsarama, fans can look forward to seeing his return in Jessica Jones #13, which is slated for release in October. Just the thought of Purple Man returning is terrifying enough, but now Jessica has a kid, and well, Brian Michael Bendis wants you to know this story is going to deliver on some of the darkest levels. Here is what Bendis had to say about the series to SyFy Wire:

In Jessica’s world, this is monumental. The only thing worse than what the Purple Man did to her originally is the thought of what he could do to her now that she has a child. Writing this has been so scary. This is scary stuff. This is psychological horror unlike anything I think I’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. We’ll see what people think.

In addition to the return of Purple Man, Bendis said that Secret Wars (2015) will also play a critical role in the new Marvel Legacy. Along with previous villains, there will also be aid sent Jessica’s way. These villains and heroes could even come from different worlds, the creative team teased. Here is what Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos had to say about the Secret Wars tie-in:

There are so many new mysteries just since Secret Wars. There are secrets that no one even knows about. There are superpowered people in the Marvel Universe from other places that no one knows about yet. Most disturbing to Jessica is some of it seems covered up somewhat by the superhero community.

Fans will have to wait until after the summer to get their hands on these new comics, but it’s very encouraging to see Marvel bring back characters like Purple Man. The entire point of the reboot was to bring back some of the fans that they lost and restore some of the characters fans never wanted to see gone in the first place. The news about Marvel Legacy is only beginning to trickle out and much of it has been very exciting and encouraging for fans. As with all things, though, best practice is to keep waiting for more information and find what works for you in the new, new, new Marvel Universe.

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