REVIEW: Jean Grey #4 – “Hammer Time!”

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Jean Grey

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Penciler: Harvey Tolibao
Colorist: Jay David Romos and Dono Sanchez-Almara
Letterer: VC’S Travis Lanham
Release Date: 07/15/17
Price: $3.99

Jean Grey

Jean Grey learns that she has what it takes to become a mighty warrior, who else but Thor the mightiest warrior than to help her get to her goal.


Jean runs into a group of Orc assassins out for Thor’s blood. She frantically seeks out the Asgardian to warn him of what is coming. Jean finds him, sadly, at a tavern in Jotunheim where he is drunk out of his mind. He won’t listen to Jean, instead, keeps talking and talking about his past battles. The pair ends up fighting against the Orcs, two warriors side by side – Thor with Mjölnir and Jean with her friggin’ magic hammer!

Jean Grey

Once the battle ends, Jean learns the lesson Thor was trying to teach her all this time. Thor knew the Orcs were coming and led them to believe that he was a simple weak drunk at the tavern. Sometimes you don’t have to overthink everything, surprisingly even battles.


Dennis Hopeless took Jean’s story away from the central arc of the Phoenix force this issue. This is an issue, interestingly, that focuses on Thor and his history. However, Hopeless still maintains a good grip on Jean Grey as a character. What happens is Thor’s history and his battles are put on the forefront. Hopeless parallels Jean’s battle with the Dark Phoenix force to Thor’s challenges of life. Jean might not think she is the warrior that Thor is but she exactly is.

Hopeless develops the chemistry between two very unlikely characters. The humor pulled off between them makes a very light-hearted tale despite the grim conflict Jean faces with the Phoenix force constantly in her mind. Thor is a warrior who holds himself high fully aware of the power he holds. Hopeless manages to have Jean slowly learn that she herself is a warrior who can become fully aware and in control of her power.


Jean Grey has been a comic series full of vibrant colors that match the youthful vibrancy of Jean Grey herself. Jay David Ramos and Dono Sanchez-Almara do a great job in keeping the vibrancy coming.

Jean Grey

The colors of Thor and Jean are bright and vivid against the dull greys, greens, and browns of the orcs. The backdrop also is boring to look at compared to Jean and Thor themselves. Keeping the two main characters the most interesting colors are a clever move down by Ramos and Sanchez-Almara.

Harvey Tolibao also is a great person to be behind Jean Grey. Tolibao makes the characters detailed and expressive. Tolibao also adds the nice touch of making Thor’s world pop out compared to other issues. It gives the feeling of Jean being in a warrior world with the backdrops and villains of the Orcs. Overall, the team up works really well for this team up!


Despite this issue focusing a lot on Thor, Hopeless lets Jean be front and center. It is an issue that still is about Jean’s journey at the heart of it. Through the battle with the Orcs and the history of Thor, Jean’s future is still what shines through. On top of that, the vibrant colors of Romos and Sanchez-Almara bring the characterization of Jean even further. The art of Harvey Tolibao make the world of Thor fit in with Jean in a seamless fashion. Overall, this is a fun story that continues to develop Jean Grey as a character.

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