REVIEW: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #5 – “Play it Again”

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Writer: Gerry Duggan
Penciler: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 07/05/17
Price: $3.99


A one-shot focusing on none other than Star-Lord himself. A team up between Gerry Duggan and Chris Samnee bring together Peter with his one true love: music.


Star-Lord is on a side mission from the Guardians. It starts out as a relatively typical one-shot, Peter on the run from a “bad guy”, only to learn it’s the Nova Corps asking to enlist the Guardians. Peter declines since he has his own mission on his mind – finding a tape that got damaged and destroyed. He sets off on a mission through time and space to try to recapture that tape.


The story of this issue is exceptionally simplistic. Duggan is a big talent when it comes to writing, realizing that sometimes the simple stories are the ones that leave the most lasting impression. Yes, it is a one-shot with less detail than the Gamora one previously. However, Peter is a character that does not need as much explanation this Guardians run. Gamora benefited from a deeper look into her character, while Peter simply needed a story about what he loves.

Duggan takes a character trait built from the Guardian films and brings it in seamlessly. He fleshes out Peter’s music knowledge with looks at tapes he has and of course the song he listens too. What Duggan is essentially doing is taking a concept that fits more into a film, able to hear the music, and makes it interesting in a new medium.


Alright, what makes this issue spectacular is the art done by Chris Samnee. It is visually stunning with full page spreads that invoke the most incredible feelings of nostalgia.


The issue starts off with a full page of Star-Lord before he was Star-Lord and just young Peter Quill. Samnee manages to capture the feeling of American summer days at a lake and how calming it is. Nothing is happening but recalling memories. The attention to detail is great too with the stereo in the corner with the little music notes playing and the frantic mess of clothes on the deck. The colors by Matthew Wilson also capture the calming feeling nicely. There are no harsh colors and everything seems to magically blend together like a painting.

Music is the heart of this story. Samnee brings it out just as beautifully as Duggan does with the writing.


Again, the attention to detail is beautiful. Samnee somehow even makes tapes feel like characters. From the funny, almost there names to the stickers and decorations on said tapes. Then, there are the beautiful images on the tapes to consider also. This is a nice touch from Wilson, each tape somehow feeling like a drawing or a faded photograph. This was an artistic team that feels like the only fit for an issue such as this. Both of them manage to add to the nostalgic feel of this issue and give a little insight into Peter in the process.


Yes, this issue is extremely simplistic and yes it does not give an extremely new or significant look into Peter Quill but what it does is more important than that. This is an issue built around feelings and the feelings that comic books give you. It plays with nostalgia, youth, love and above all the feeling of music. To take something such as music and put it into a comic book is no easy feat. Yet, the team behind All-New Guardians #5 creates a beautiful, musical piece of art with this issue. It is a definite pick up for any lover of music or lover of nostalgia.

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