REVIEW: Ultimates 2 #9-“From Chains to Cage”

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Ultimates 2 #9 Review Feature Cover

Writer: Al Ewing
Penciler: Travel Foreman
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Price: $3.99

Ultimates 2 #9 Review Cover

Plot: There is currently no book on the current on-going Marvel roster doing anything near as staggeringly big as The Ultimates 2. In Ultimates 2 #9 Galactus forms the Eternity watch, a team of the universe’s most powerful cosmic forces, and engages in battle with The First Firmament, Logos, and their newly created, Dark Celestials. Meanwhile there are mortals dabbling in work beyond their paygrade but not quite beyond their ambition.

When it comes to former Earth-1610, Ultimate universe Reed Richard’s, self-dubbed “The Maker”, nothing is outside his grasp. Enlisting the help and support of the High Evolutionary, The Maker observes the battle between comic forces and hypothesizes a means to evolve the multiverse. As we read on, we find that this evolution involves the destruction of the Superflow (the spaces between cosmos) and the creation of a single universe, which consequently, The Maker seems to have complete control of. He frees Eternity from it’s chains, only to trap it in a cage and summons forth the original Ultimates.

Story: And so, I state again, there is nothing bigger than this happening in Marvel comics. The Hydra turned earth is a skirmish compared to the universal war currently being waged in greater space. These are battles that must be conducted by gods and cosmic beings, and even as powerful as the Ultimates themselves are, what they face is at the highest dimensional level. Yet still they fight. Yet still Galactus requires their help.

Ultimates 2 #9 Review Black Panther White Tiger

I’d like to point out the few pages that feature The Black Panther voyaging into the catacombs of Necropolis where he seems the aid of the white tiger god. I can only imagine this is the kind of being they could use in this galactic war but to attain his help, T’Challa must best him in battle. This shows the kind of fortitude that makes the King of Wakanda such a worthwhile member of this team. While he has the least raw power, he has the most willpower of anyone on the team.

In the cosmic battle beyond mortal comprehension, the forces fight only on the metaphorical level. This is an intriguing idea. Though we see them strike each other blow for blow, on age this can be conceptualized as what only us mere human readers can understand. The actual struggle is something of such grandeur that we would not be able to process it with our 5 basic senses. Jason’s subtle way of portraying this is cleverly remarkable.

Art: The art in that issue is more eye catching than the last and I think it may have something to do with Foreman’s affinity towards depicting things that are meant to be beyond the mortal norm. All of the cosmic beings look incredible and I particularly enjoy how Logos is designed and drawn. Adding colors in, we get a clean story that’s easy on the eyes from panel to panel. This cover wasn’t one my favorites in execution but it does encapsulate the contents of the book well, nonetheless.

Ultimates 2 #9 Review Logos

Verdict: Ultimates 2 #9 has outdone all previous issues thus far. When I think Aaron has gone big, he goes bigger. The Maker essentially taking control of the first Firmament (maybe?) was a bold move and it makes me think about Earth-616 Reed Richards, who was last seen helping his son Franklin recreate the universe. Coincidence? Perhaps we’ll see i the coming issues of The Ultimates 2.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

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