SDCC ’17: Infinity War Footage Wrap-Up

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Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Panel at SDCC ’17 is wrapped up and the final treat of the day was footage from Infinity War, scheduled to come out in 2018. Most of the information on Infinity War was released at D23, but those who weren’t in attendance at D23 got a glimpse of the same action today in Hall H. Here is a recap of the action courtesy of Newsarama.

SDCC '17

The Guardians arrive with Groot sporting an emo look. They’ve been in some type of a wreck. Thor lands with force and is brought inside to Mantis. The shot moves to Peter Parker on a schoolbus when his Spider-Sense kicks in and the audience hears Thanos say “fun isn’t really something one considers when balancing the universe, but this does put a smile on my face.” There is a shot of someone in the new Spider-Man suit from the end of Homecoming and Chris Evans shows up as a full-bearded Captain America, cut to a blonde Black Widow and Vision in a prison of some type. The shot cuts back to Thanos palming Thor’s head like a basketball and then he begins pulling planets out of alignment and is directing them outward into space; teaser now over.

SDCC '17

The footage from Infinity War wraps up the Hall H panel at SDCC ’17 and brings us to our final day. Overall, the MCU Panel in Hall H showed footage of every upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Additionally, fans were finally given a glimpse of the posters Marvel will be using to promote the films, complete with a look at some of the Black Order, who will battle alongside Thanos in Infinity War. While it was mostly Thanos featured in this teaser, those paying close attention will have also seen Proxima Midnight, wife of Corvus Glaive. Glaive is one of Thanos’ most brutal lieutenants and Midnight is considered to be even more deadly.

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