SDCC 2017 Marvel Collectible Guide

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Here it is! The follow-up to last year’s massive article. Though, I think this year might be even bigger. This year will be a bit more organized thankfully so let’s dive right in with probably the bigger items this year. Because, let’s face it, I will miss something. And all of this information is from The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog where you can check out all the other exclusives as well there!


So FUNKO has 5 Marvel exclusives this year with 4 POPs and 1 Rock Candy figure. The one Rock Candy figure is one of Gwenpool carrying her katana on her shoulder. The 4 POPs include Bucky as Captain America, Red She-Hulk, Gwenpool with a selfie stick, and from the Spider-Man: Homecoming line Tony Stark in a suit carrying a small Iron Man helmet. You can check out all 5 in the gallery below.


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As per usual with most of these FUNKO Con exclusives, they will be shipped to retailers like Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble with a different sticker of course. So do not fret if you do not get one of these at the con as they will probably be around for a bit on store shelves. And by a bit I mean maybe a day or two.

Diamond Previews & Diamond Select:

So I totally did not know that con-exclusive variant covers for comics were a thing. But they are and feel free to make fun of me for it. In all seriousness, there are quite a few variant covers coming to San Diego. Each of the variants is limited to 5000 copies.

So the first one is a Black and White variant of All New Guardians #5! Granted it’s not completely black and white since the cassette tape on the cover is colored but it definitely looks cool.

They are also bringing 3 Mini Mates variants!

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again

Not Suitable for young ones

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Secret Empire #5

He’s a friend… From Work

Diamond Select also has quite a few collectible statues available as well. There’s the Marvel Gallery X-Men Suit Deadpool PVC Diorama and the Marvel Gallery Superior Iron Man PVC Diorama. The Deadpool one presents Wade in his X-Men costume, you know for that brief time he was with the

The Deadpool one presents Wade in his X-Men costume, you know for that brief time he was with the team, and has him leaping from a portal about to attack. This diorama set is limited to 4200 pieces.

“Can I be an X-Men Now?!”

The Iron Man one presents Tony Stark in his Superior Iron Man  armor as he takes off. Sort of like he is jumping straight from the panels. This set is limited to 2500 pieces

The other 2 Dioramas from Diamond Select have an oddly familiar sense to me. Can’t say for sure if I have talked about them or not but there is the Marvel Gallery Dark Phoenix PVC Diorama and Marvel Gallery Ironheart Unmasked PVC Diorama. You can check out both below.

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EDIT: So turns out these are both variant diorama sets for regular Phoenix and Iron Heart.

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