SDCC 2017: ResurrXion Panel

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At the Marvel ResurrXion panel Nick Lowe was the moderator for Marc Guggenheim, Sina Grace and Christian Strain.

Guggenheim started by talking about two upcoming crossovers. In  “Mojoworld,”  crossover the X-Men will be brought to false realities that were specifically designed to recall important moments in their history.  In this storyline Longshot will return. “There will be consequences,” said Guggenheim. “Game changing consequences.”

Iceman is in a weird position now since he is not the only Bobby Drake in this time, and he has some action coming up. It was revealed that Iceman will meet Daken in an upcoming story. Grace joked that some of the early mysteries will be revealed soon. “I’m allowed to do some Hickman-style build up!” he said.

Another plot line concerning Iceman that was mentioned was when he reaches Marvel Legacy, the original Champions will return. “Writing the original Champions is the best moment of my life!” Grace said. “I never thought I’d have such a blast writing this team.”

Strain talked about her work with Generation X. She said the new team is meant to be reflective of where the original Generation X were in their lives at the time of the original story. Strain said the original Generation X was “perfect,” so she was skeptical of taking on the new title. “My approach to this was very simple – I’m not the same writer as Scott Lobdell.” She took the approach of capturing the same feelings of isolation and trying to find your place in the world that the original Generation X had.

Strain said the approval for her Generation X pitch because she was attempting to bring more attention and backstory to characters that had few appearances. Particularly the character of Andre Mexer, who came from a single appearance in a Wolverine one-shot.

Lowe said the Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover between Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X “Hits the 8-year old fan boy gene!” In this crossover the villains try to create “Hulkverine.”

Lowe said that there’s a balancing act in the X-Men office of which teams get which characters.“That is definitely something that happens a lot,” Lowe said. “It’s almost like a draft. Which characters do you want the most? You can take that one, but you might lose some of the others you want.”

Everyone on the panel loves Quentin Quire, but aren’t sure when he’ll age into the X-Men. “That’s a big story to tell,” said Strain. “For the amount of room we have in Generation X I don’t know that’s something we can do.” There has been a debate for years about who Quentin Quire’s parents are. “I think Jason Aaron should write that, not me.” said Strain. “We’ve never landed on the right story for that,” said Lowe.

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