Slingshot And Luke Cage Grab Emmy Nominations

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Slingshot Luke Cage Emmys

The Emmys have arrived and Marvel Television has garnered a couple of nominations!  Fans will remember Marvel prepared a beautiful Emmy campaign for the season and they took away two different nominations. Slingshot, starring Natalia Cordova which aired between Agents of SHIELD seasons 3 and 4 on ABC.go, was nominated for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. And Netflix and Marvel’s Luke Cage was nominated for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama, Limited Series or Movie.

Both series are fan favorites and everyone behind the camera and in front of the camera more then deserves the recognition for their craft and talent.  With guys like Joe Quesada, Chris Cheramie, and Mark Kolpack behind the camera on Slingshot and the pure adrenaline that Mike Colter was serving as Luke Cage, these two look like a win- at least for us.

Slingshot focuses on Yo-Yo Rodriguez (Cordova) and just what she was up to during Season 3.  Fans have already jumped behind a #RenewSlingshot campaign, hoping to give the actress a chance for a season 2.  We wholeheartedly agree with that assessment. During the latter half of season 4, Cordova’s Yo-Yo was absent, working with SHIELD agents to try and bring back Daisy and the rest of the team while they were in the Framework.  Episodes covering just what Yo-Yo was doing would be what the doctor ordered.  Could this Emmy nomination help us get a Slingshot season 2? We can only hope to see more of the first Latina centered superhero program!

Bulletproof Man

As for Luke Cage , the bulletproof superhero won Best New Media series at the Saturn Awards along with popular Netflix drama Stranger Things.  It also took home a top 10 TV shows award from the African American Film Critics Association.  More awards for Cage are clearly overdo no matter how big or how small. Let’s hope that they end up taking home the Emmy that they rightfully deserve.

Are you excited for these nominations? Disappointed? Think that your favorite was left out? Share with us in the comments below and make sure to ask for more Slingshot season 2 and start getting ready for Luke Cage! 

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