The Gifted And Legion Hunt For Mutants Among Us

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It’s no secret that San Diego Comic Con is bringing us live and important information about our new favorite TV shows and films, but what is a secret is just how immersed in the world people get.  Nowhere is that more the case then with Legion and The Gifted.  Fox’s Legion is a fan favorite and critically beloved with a second season of 10 episodes already on it’s way.  The Gifted, Fox’s newest addition to the X-Men Television Universe (Can we call it the XTU? The XMTU?) is starting out strong as well.  Both series brought unique experiences to the Comic Con Audience with The Gifted bringing it’s sentinel testing services, and Legion brought the David Haller experience.


Critically beloved, the Legion experience puts you in the mind of protagonist David Haller in a completely unique mixed reality experience that’s never been done before.   You step inside a “session” at David’s hospital, you’re reminded of a past incident at clockworks, but nothing is as it seems and there’s a twist ending that will get fans of the series very very excited.  Part immersive theater, part holographic experience, part virtual reality (I know right?) the “David Haller Experience” literally puts you in mind with the help of some very talented actors, the writers of the show, microsoft hololens, and a little imagination.

We won’t spoil you in the hope of FX and Legion teaming up to bring this to locations across the country, but the real story here isn’t the story being told, it’s the technology that’s being used by There Be Dragons, a production company whose founder wanted to create something immersive using entirely new technologies.  The Microsoft Holo lense plays a major role too, allowing players in the game to interact with the world around them if you will.  You can pick up, touch things, and shout at things – but are those things really there?  The technology, much like the show, aims to encourage the audience to ask those questions.

The Legion Experience encourages fans to book their sessions on, but you can see reactions from people like Dan Stevens and the cast across social media.  We had an opportunity to speak to Jeremie Harris on another panel who called the experience “amazing”.  We wholeheartedly agree.  Will this developed and shared more (perhaps into a full immersive experience?).  It had an escape room vibe that left me curious as to what would happen next.  It’s a new type of immersion that fans can get involved with and FX and Legion was the perfect place to utilize this technology.


That combined with setting it next to the Sentinel Services station made the X-Men and Marvel collaboration a really special treat.  After riding to the convention on a mutant transport we were then transported to the sentinel services testing center where I learned (to my absolute delight) to my shock that I carried the X-Gene.  The station offered a fun photo op and one of the much lauded DNA tests by  The X-Gene came at the end and with it came a flash drive, a special photo, and a few wanted posters of fellow “mutants” that sentinel services was looking for.  Truly an incredible experience and an awesome instance of how world building at comic con can mesh together to create a fun and immersive environment.  The Marvel and X-Men team-up has been golden before, but this comic con made it absolutely magic.


You can check out the Legion Experience on the left side of the convention center in the FX experience along with the sentinel services testing center used in The Gifted.   Be sure to get tested (but also unite with your fellow mutants) and if you have an opportunity to free your mind swing on by the Legion pavilion in the FX booth and check out the truly cool hololens.  As always, share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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