5 Characters Who Should Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

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With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 currently sitting pretty with $861 million at the worldwide box office and about to hit home video, James Gunn is turning his attention to Vol. 3.  There’s a number of changes (we’re not going to spoil you if you’ve seen the movie) but Gunn introduced several awesome new characters from Mantis to the other Ravager clans, Stallone’s Starhawk, Martinex and many more.

The cosmic characters are some of the most original in the MCU.  Who should join Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, and the other Guardians now that Yondu is out of the picture?  Nebula is on a mission to kill her foster father, the team needs new members and we’ve picked 5 cosmic heroes who Mr. Gunn should respectfully consider for Vol. 3.  At the very least it gives us something to think about while waiting for Vol. 2 to hit Blu-ray in just a few short weeks.


Formerly of the earth, Moon Dragon and Drax have a number of connections and star Dave Bautista has been campaigning for Moon Dragon to appear in the film series.  Spoilers – it turns out that both Drax and Moon Dragon are from earth and that Drax’s soul was locked into a new body in the comics.  While it doesn’t have to be that way in the films, if we were to discover that Drax’s daughter was alive it would add a very real depth to the character. Moon Dragon is a skilled martial artist, a geneticist, and openly bisexual.  She is a hero and however, she’s introduced in Vol. 3 she’d be a great addition to the cosmic universe.

IDEAL CASTING: Rinko Kikuchi has been the daughter of Stacker Pentecost and we feel that her skills, talent, and on screen presence would be perfect for Guardians.  Marvel would be foolish to pass up giving this heroine a role to own and call her own like she did in Pacific Rim.  She’s also gorgeous enough to rock a bald head and seeing her and Bautista battle and eventually deliver the emotional reunion that Drax deserves would be amazing.



Quasar is a superhero title held by multiple heroes.  The current holder, Wendell Vaughn, passed on his powers to Avril Kincaid – a SHIELD agent in the comics.  Vaughn was also a SHIELD agent who lacked the “killer” instinct that most SHIELD agents possess.  He is assigned to a security detail that is guarding a pair of bands belonging to a superhero known as the crusader.  During a field test where SHIELD attempts to use the bands for their own ends, their test pilot is killed.  Wendell ends up trying them only to discover that his willingness to compromise and his willingness to work with others makes it easy for him to use the bands.  He becomes the super hero Quasar.

Eventually, Quasar passes his bands along to Avril Kincaid, another SHIELD agent who was recently killed during the Captain HYDRA storyline.  Giving Avril new life as Quasar in the MCU would be a great way to introduce fans to this character who possesses super human Quantum bands.

IDEAL CASTING: Wendell is sort of a goofy guy, rather normal and lacking in that killer instinct.  Riz Ahmed portrayed that perfectly as Bodi Rook in Star Wars: Rogue One and having him join the cosmic universe, as well as SHIELD with its history of Star Wars puns, would be a nice way of rounding things out.  While Avril passed away in the HYDRA arc in the comics, she could have new life in the cinematic universe.  A good option for a younger actress with Avril’s sweetness would be Amanda Stenberg.  Putting the two together would be gorgeous and adorable.


Beta Ray Bill is an alien whose origins are tied with Thor’s. Born out of a “new” concept for Thor. When Thor was asked to investigate an alien fleet passing through the cosmos.  After knocking out “Donald Blake” Bill ends up accidentally receiving Thor’s powers and costume.  After discovering that Bill was worthy enough to hold the hammer, Odin proposes a battle to the death between Bill and Thor to decide who will wield the weapon.  Both are evenly matched and Bill eventually joins both Thor and Loki in the battle to defend the realm of Asgard before returning to his people.

If Thor is going to lose Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok any one of the shards could end up in Beta-Ray Bill’s possession which could lead to the powers of lightning ending up in the alien’s hands.  It’s even more likely since Thor’s presence is going to go cosmic.

IDEAL CASTING: Alan Tudyk has made a recent career of voicing characters with cult/fan followings.  From K-2sO to Hei Hei and the Duke of Weaslton, Tudyk is Disney voices.  He doesn’t have a Marvel character and while Bill would either need a lot of prosthetics or a whole lot of CGI Tudyk could bring the humor and the sincerity needed to voice the second incarnation of Thor.



For those who stayed after the credits (and come on, who didn’t?) Adam Warlock’s appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 isn’t just likely, it’s probably going to happen.  The ultimate weapon of the Sovereign has a far different history in the comics.  Warlock is the keeper of the soul gem and his origins begin on earth rather than out in space.  Created by a group of scientists (they were called the enclave but the sovereign sounds a lot better) Adam Warlock has traveled through multiple dimensions and eventually joins the guardians of the galaxy.  Him discovering that the guardians aren’t all bad? Great emotional drama. Perfect for a 3rd Guardians movie.

IDEAL CASTING: Taron Egerton has experience leading a franchise with Kingsman and there’s something about him that reminds us of Ayesha.  If the end of Vol. 2 was any indication, Warlock will start out as a villain of sorts and we’d love to see Taron expand his range to a villainous end.  Kingsman has proven that he could deliver a wide range of emotions which would make his eventual turn to the light side (so to speak) an easy stretch for the actor.



When GotG Vol. 1 introduced the Nova Corps we had hopes that we’d eventually see ultimate space cop Richard Rider in the MCU.  Giving the Nova corps a more grounded and realistic approach, having the Guardians return to Xander and realize the last Nova Corps officer is on earth would be a real treat and a great way to round out the trilogy. Xander might not have to be destroyed per say but Peter exploring a human being taken out into the galaxy against their will much like he was as a child would be another interesting dimension.  While we haven’t seen Rhomann Dey yet, they could easily bring back John C Reilly who in the wake of losing his family on Xander performs his last act and tries to ensure the survival of the Nova Corps by passing on his powers.

IDEAL CASTING: John Cho is older but an aged up Richard Rider might be a better option for the character.  Peter is exploring his fatherly side with Groot right now and a fellow earthling out of water would be fun. Cho’s humor would fit in perfectly with Rider and he can play the serious side of the character – if Sulu is any indication.  Give us Richard Rider Marvel!

Guadians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 currently has no release date.

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