5 Possibilities For A ‘Jessica Jones-Esque’ Show

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Jessica Jones Marvel TV ABC

Recently, the Senior VP of Original Programming for Marvel TV, Karmi Zreik stated that there is another new show in the works. It will be a female lead show on ABC meant to be “Jessica Jones-esque”. This is very interesting considering the uniqueness of said critically acclaimed show. This got me thinking: who could the new show be about? I have put together a list of five possibilities. However, before I start the list, I have to preface this with two caveats. Firstly, Kamala Kahn a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, will not be on the list. She is likely the subject of John Ridley’s secret Marvel show, which is hopefully still in the works. Secondly, I will not include any Spider-Verse characters. Rights issues are iffy, and I use them too much in my lists. Now, without further ado, let’s actually start the list.

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