New Character Bios & Images Introduce Us To The Mutants Of The Gifted

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Fox’s upcoming mutant drama The Gifted will feature a number of mutants from the comics as well as a few original ones. While most are familiar with the core X-Men, some of these names might not be ones that you’re too familiar with. To help you familiarize yourself with these characters, TVInsider has provided some new character images and bios for the which introduce us to the mutants of the series which showrunner Matt Nix states is “really about the mutants who have been left behind“. Check them out below and let us know which of these characters you’re most excited to see in the comments section afterwards.



  • Origin The Gifted
  • Debut 2017
  • Power Photon manipulation
  • The New Guy “Eclipse is an original character to this show, but that doesn’t mean he’s just a random guy,” says Nix, who also teases that “Eclipse has a relationship [to someone] that we’ll explore.”
  • Played by Jamie Chung
  • Origin The Uncanny X-Men #317
  • Comics Debut 1994
  • Power Teleportation
  • Ready for Her Close-Up Played by Fan Bingbing in Days of Future Past, Blink is the only character on The Gifted to have appeared in one of the X-Men films. “Why is Blink there?” asks Nix. “We will build up the mystery.”
  • Played by Emma Dumont
  • Origin The X-Men #49
  • Comics Debu1968
  • Power Electromagnetic abilities
  • Who’s Your Daddy? “I lobbied hard to get Polaris,” Nix says. “She’s Magneto’s daughter. [Magneto’s supervillain team] The Brotherhood isn’t around either. Where did they go? And what is our Polaris’s relationship to Magneto?”
  • Played by Blair Redford
  • Origin Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • Comics Debut 1975
  • Power Super speed, strength and enhanced senses
  • A Safe Haven “He’s Native American, so his relationship to what they’re doing is a little different. I liked the idea of reservations [providing sanctuary and aid] to refugee mutants,” Nix says.

Reed and Caitlin are two normal suburban parents whose lives get thrown into chaos when they discover that their children possess mutant powers in THE GIFTED.

Teens Lauren and Andy are involved in an incident at their high school which reveals their mutual powers to the world, forcing their parents to flee their old lives in order to protect their children. The Strucker family goes on the run from the government agency the Sentinel Services, which includes Agent Jace Turner, who is determined to protect the rest of the population from mutants. And things are made even more complicated by the fact that Reed is a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office tasked with going after mutants, which is why his children hid their powers from him for as long as possible.

But with the family on the run, their only hope comes in the form of an underground network that helps mutants in trouble — and it’s full of mutants dealing with their own issues.

The Gifted debuts on Fox October 2nd.

Source: TVInsider

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