Inhumans Director Roel Reine Wasn’t A Fan Of The Series First Teaser

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We’re only a few short weeks away from Marvel’s Inhumans debuting in IMAX before it hits ABC in late September. We got our first look at the series a few months back which was met with a pretty mixed responad. However, the full trailer which premiered at Comic-Con was definitely much more positively received.

If you were part of the group who wasn’t a fan of the first teaser, it seems that you weren’t alone. Role Reine, who directed the series first two episodes, discussed the teaser while speaking with Metro and wasn’t too fond of the first bit of footage released to the public.

I was mixed about the first trailer as well. I felt like it didn’t give you the scope, it didn’t give you a lot of secrets or visual effects. I felt it was a little bit too early because the visual effects were not ready – Medusa’s hair was not ready. So I was really nervous about it and would think the fans would not really like it. When I watched the first trailer I was like ‘ooosh’. But me, as a filmmaker, as a director, you’re not involved with the marketing part of these things.

It’s definitely understandable why Twine would not have been fond of the first teaser as it didn’t quite represent what the final product will look like. The series also has faced quite a bit negativity ever since the first image was released and the teaser didn’t quite help. However, the full trailer has seemingly turned many around and hopefully we get one more ahead of it’s release to get a better idea as far as what to expect from the finished product. What do you think about Reine’s comments? Are you excited to check out Inhumans in IMAX? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Metro

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