REVIEW: Silver Surfer #13 – “Journey’s End”

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Writer: Dan Slott
Penciller: Michael Allred
Colorist: Laura Allred
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 08/16/17
Rating: T+

Silver Surfer

Plot: The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood travel back in time so Dawn can say goodbye to her father. However, the duo overshoot their destination and wind up in the universe before the Big Bang. With no way home, Norrin and Dawn spend the rest of their days exploring the universe until Dawn’s passing.

Story: One interesting factor of this issue is Dan Slott’s use of time travel. While in the time stream, Norrin and Dawn help past versions of themselves. As a long time reader, I forgot about this moment until I saw it again in this issue. Also both versions of the characters are in issue #13 of two different volumes, so that was a nice easter egg.

Also when Surfer and Dawn arrive in the pre-BB universe, they encounter Galen, a.k.a. future Galactus. Surfer thinks about killing Galen so he won’t become the Devourer of Worlds. However, Dawn quickly reminds him that eventually Galactus turns into the Lifebringer so Norrin changes his mind. I’m grateful the idea of killing Galen was acknowledged and did not take up too much of the story.

Thoughout this title we’ve seen a mysterious character called Nor-ville following Dawn and the Surfer. With this issue we finally get a clue about Nor-Ville’s identity. When Surfer and Dawn arrive on Taa, Surfer changes their appearances. Then he tells Galen his name is Nor-ville. This confirms that Nor-ville is the Silver Surfer. My theory is after the Big Bang, Norrin stayed in his Nor-ville identity so he wouldn’t create any paradoxes. This was a surprising revelation and is a good example of Dan Slott’s creativity.

Finally, the main takeaway of this issue is the death of Dawn Greenwood. Dawn is given an emotional and organic sendoff. Unlike most comic book characters who die in battle, we see Dawn passing away peacefully at old age with the Surfer at her bedside. It may not be the most exciting death but for veteran readers this will bring a tear to their eyes. Also I’m glad Dawn has a definite ending because it’s a great contrast to the Silver Surfer, who can go on forever.

Art: Silver Surfer always has interesting and fun artwork. When Surfer asks Dawn if she has any regrets, her response is interrupted by double page spread of everyone the Surfer and Dawn encountered. This is a nice throwback to all the crazy aliens Allred drew during his and Slott’s run. Plus it looks like a cool poster that I want in my den.

The issue also gives a brief recap of Dawn and Norrin’s remaining adventures through a montage. Allred does a spectacular job showing the different worlds the duo encounter and their progression in age. Also  Norrin discovers his power cosmic works differently in this universe. Allred uses this opportunity to change the power’s appearance from a Jack Kirby sizzle to black pixelated squares. This change may be minor but it is fantastic to see.

Verdict: I’m sad to see Silver Surfer ending. However, Dan Slott and Michael Allred give Dawn Greenwood an emotional and heartfelt send off in this issue. With an entertaining story and fantastic artwork, Silver Surfer #13 proves why this was one of Marvel’s best titles. However if you want the most out of this issue then you should start from the beginning.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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