REVIEW: Spider-Men II #2 – “Chasing the Truth”

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler : Sara Pichelli
Colorist : Justin Ponsor
Letterer : VC’s Cory Petit
Release Date : 8/16/17
Price : $3.99

Spider-Men II

Plot: Spider-Men II has Miles and Peter tracking Taskmaster who seems like he’s a part of a normal scheme until some specific information is overheard that turns this into a much more important case than realized.

Spider-Men II

Story: Spider-Men II immediately becomes a ton of fun because Bendis gets to write two characters that he knows and loves, returning to a familiar form and style. The book has a great mystery to it but really becomes enjoyable when it comes to the dialogue because both Peter and miles can have that childlike banter to them while at the same time accomplishing what they need to in order to reach their goals. In this case, the second issue has the team tracking down Taskmaster, who is on a normal job of some sorts. Spider-Men II opens up as a lot of fun, because while it’s not necessarily a tough job for Peter and Miles to handle, they have a good time doing it. Bendis nails the dynamic between both characters because Peter continues to have his normal wittiness to him while not ever forgetting that he’s older than Miles and still has a responsibility to mentor and protect him as much as possible.

Spider-Men II

The story begins to get pretty personal though, because Miles hears Taskmaster use his real name, causing some confusion and concern. Both Peter and Miles attempt to “Starkle” Miles and there is no record of any other Miles Morales out there. Peter even goes to Jessica Jones, who is also stumped by the problem. Yet, despite not succeeding in discovering an abundance of answers for their problem, the story does a great job of continuously developing the relationship between Peter and Miles. It really highlights how much Peter cares about Miles and their bond goes deeper than just being “Spider-Men.” The emotional side of the book, while kept relatively light, packs a decent punch that feels like it will further develop as this mystery is explored in the future.

Spider-Men II

Art: The art in Spider-Men II brings together a really nice combo of Pichelli and Ponsor because their styles compliment one another well. Pichelli keeps things relatively traditional but adds a nice amount of detail to her work, absolutely nailing the up close scenes and facial expressions of the characters. She draws both Peter and Miles in their suits really well, but her artwork excels when she gets to display them as normal people in everyday life. Adding Ponsor’s color work into the equation really delivers a nice product for this book, giving it a lot of life and vibrance. Ponsor takes advantage of Pichelli’s great up close facial work and adds in colorful detail to make the panels and scenes feel almost like street wall murals that would be discovered in most cities. Spider-Men II feels like it gives both artists a lot of room to work with, and they have proven that they can handle the balance of incorporating two heroes into a book along with great scenery and the ability to fill out panels without making things look crammed.

Verdict: Spider-Men II is already a fun book that is just beginning to lay the groundwork. Currently, the story is exploring a personal emotional event for Miles, but is utilizing the idea to display just how close he and Peter really are. Bendis seems to have a well thought out plan in the works that is going to really lift these characters up and further strengthen the bond they have and as a reaction the comfort they find in working together. Pichelli and Ponsor, as mentioned earlier, seem to compliment one another very well, which should create some beautiful artwork going forward. The second issue is definitely a quick read because it is somewhat of a stepping stone to a larger plot, but the foundation for Spider-Men II is setting up for an emotional payoff.

Rating: 4/5

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