REVIEW: Rogue One Adaptation #5 – “Ready or Not”

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Rogue One

Writer: Jody Houser
Penciler: Emilio Laiso
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC’S Clayton Cowles
Release Date: 08/02/17
Price: $3.99

Rogue One Adaptation

The penultimate issue of the Rogue One adaptation is here! Our team is on their way to Scariff and heartbreak is close at hand.


The Rogue One team is on their way to Scariff. Once they land, the plans to retrieve the death star plans take off. Director Krennic also arrives on Scariff, looking for every dispatch and transmission done by Galen Erso. It is an action packed battle between the rebels and the stormtroopers. Tarkin catches wind of Krennic on Scariff and decides to get involved as well. The battle rages on.


Jody Houser is doing a fantastic job of including the deleted scenes fans want in this comic adaptation. What Houser is doing is taking characters who do not interact nearly enough in the film and allowing them to have scenes together. One of the fascinating character interactions within the film happens whenever Jyn and Chirrut interact. Houser gives this pair a chance to shine.

Rogue One Adaptation

It is a very small scene but it adds a lot to these characters. Especially knowing what is coming next, I am sure this moment means a lot to Jyn. Another character interaction Houser includes is between K-2SO and Bodhi Rook.

Rogue One Adaptation

Yet again, this is a heartwarming surprise moment brought on by Houser. She brings a lot to an otherwise stale story by including moments that fans always are craving when consuming media.


The art of this adaptation still remains very hit or miss. A big problem with adaptations is that artists often try to copy the likeness of actors in their work. Emilio Laiso is exceptionally hit or miss with his art. Sometimes, Laiso lets the characters shine in his own style. However, when Laiso tries too hard to make the characters look like their actors it fails. The art has too much to look at and ends up looking ridiculous. Adaptations need to be unique in their art and artists need to break out of the box.

On the other hand is the coloring done by Rachelle Rosenberg. She does a phenomenal job at keeping the art exciting. The colors are always vibrant and never plain despite the lack of strong colors in the rebels and stormtroopers. It is an extremely neutral color palette that Rachelle manages to make exciting which is no easy task.


Overall, the story would be exceptionally boring if it were not for the added parts. Thankfully, Houser delivers on that front. The Rogue One Adaptation remains to be a story that is for fans. If you did not enjoy the film or are not invested in these characters than you will not enjoy this story. Wanting to relive the same story while simultaneously live through new moments is what this adaptation is about. Unfortunately, the art is nothing special. The story is definitely what shines and what makes this a story worth picking up.

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