Sean Teale Takes Over The Gifted’s Instagram On Eclipse Day

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The Eclipse is coming. Both literally and figuratively. While the solar eclipse is the talk of the town, the mutant eclipse played by Sean Teale is taking over Instagram today and hosting a Facebook live chat on the gifted’s Facebook page at 2:30 Eastern Time. If you’re following The Gifted on Instagram be sure to keep your eyes peeled and remember to use instagram hashtags to keep in the loop. It looks like the official actor’s accounts might be dropping new footage too, like this promo clip that Sean Teale shared on his Instagram this morning. Providing some character backstory to “the new guy” as seen here. They also show us a collection of new footage including some hints as to the relationship between Polaris and Eclipse. Check it out below.

This new footage hints at both the positive and the negative effects of Eclipse’s powers. While many mutants enjoy superhuman abilities, they often come with caveats. This new footage also shows that Eclipse and Polaris have an interesting relationship dynamic. We’re starting to see more of the mutants of The Gifted as a potential team. It’s pretty clear that this Instagram takeover of the gifted might drop some new images, and who knows what the Facebook live Q&A will bring? Be sure to stay tuned to both for news!


Reed and Caitlin are two normal suburban parents whose lives get thrown into chaos when they discover that their children possess mutant powers in THE GIFTED.

Teens Lauren and Andy are involved in an incident at their high school which reveals their mutual powers to the world, forcing their parents to flee their old lives in order to protect their children. The Strucker family goes on the run from the government agency the Sentinel Services, which includes Agent Jace Turner, who is determined to protect the rest of the population from mutants. And things are made even more complicated by the fact that Reed is a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office tasked with going after mutants, which is why his children hid their powers from him for as long as possible.

But with the family on the run, their only hope comes in the form of an underground network that helps mutants in trouble — and it’s full of mutants dealing with their own issues.

The Gifted premieres October 2nd on Fox.

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