Taika Waititi Hints At Thor: Ragnarok Character

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Korg Taika Waititi

We’re only a few short months away from the third Marvel film of 2017 and we’ve gotten some really cool trailers as well as some fantastic magazine covers. We’ve also gotten a look at Taika Waititi’s new character “Korg the Kronan” thanks to Vanity Fair.  It’s a look we were reminded about when the director took to twitter to wish Chris Hemsworth a happy birthday.  The Asgardian’s birthday is today (be sure to jump on social to wish our favorite god of thunder the happiest of birthdays) and Waititi shared a photo of his mo-cap “emasculation pajamas” (a phrase coined by Mark Ruffalo) with the mighty Thor. This got us digging.

Korg (like the piano Waititi says) is a hulking rock beast from the comics.  We’ve seen one member of his race before in Thor: The Dark World but the character was knocked out quickly by the God of Thunder.  According to Waititi, because the character was warm, funny, and made of rocks he wanted to cast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but – again according to the director – “There wasn’t enough Chicken and Salmon” to sustain the muscles of both Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson in all of New Zealand he refrained.  In response, both Johnson and Hemsworth agreed that the director should cast himself in the role.  It sounds as if Korg will be a sort of guide to Thor, much like the director himself.  Donning his “pajamas” and a Maori accent, we can’t wait to see the director shine beside his brightest stars.

Taika Waititi appears in all of his films including Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, and What we do in the Shadows.  

Are you excited to see Waititi appear? Hoping to see a bromance develop much like the one we’ve seen in real life? Ready to wish the great Chris Hemsworth a happy birthday? Sound off and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd, 2017

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