The Defenders Episode 1.07-1.08 Review: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Defends NYC?

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While The Hand has been the biggest threat for the Defenders thus far, episode 7 introduces a new one: the NYPD. Matt (Charlie Cox), Jessica (Krysten Ritter), and Luke (Mike Colter) have found themselves in a tight spot- namely passed out with the bodies of Stick (Scott Glenn) and the headless Sowande (Babs Olusanmokun) in the same room. They now have some explaining to do to a very rightfully angry Detective Misty Knight (Simone Missick).

1.07: Fish in the Jailhouse

The Defenders

The Defenders is strongest when it puts our heroes together and makes them confront their problems. This is especially the case for Matt who was luckily found at the scene of the crime sans his Daredevil costume. He has a secret identity to protect, one that as a lawyer is especially precarious. And he can only fool people for so long. The only person who understands this is Foggy (Elden Henson). He knows Matt will do the heroic thing despite the potential cost to his career. So Foggy gives Matt his Daredevil costume to end things once and for all.

While all this is going on poor Danny (Finn Jones) is being subjected to Elektra’s villain monologuing. She has taken him underneath Midland Circle, to the giant pit that leads to the mythical door the Hand need the Iron Fist to open. She explains that behind the door is the true power of The Hand, the source of the substance that keeps them immortal. Danny is unwilling to help because of the promise he made to the Masters of K’un Lun to defeat the Hand. Having just freed herself from Alexandra’s (Sigourney Weaver) control Elektra tries to convince Danny to take the same path.

So What’s the Truth?

But if Elektra really is “free” as she claims, why is she still going along with Alexandra’s plan? If she really wants to assert her independence against the people who resurrected her why doesn’t she work with the Defenders to stop the Hand? She keeps telling Danny she isn’t the Hand, but she installed herself as their new leader so that’s clearly a lie.

In the end Elektra gets what she wants. She tricks Danny into punching the door with his Iron Fist revealing what’s behind it: a massive dragon skeleton. Despite the grounded world that Netflix has established, this reveal continues Marvel’s push towards the more cosmic and fantastic.

While Danny and Elektra fight underground the rest of the Defenders are above ground finishing what the architect John Raymond (Alex Moggridge) started. They are going to blow up the Midland Circle building so it collapses inward and closes the hole and kills the leaders of the Hand. Which seems like an okay, but not super solid plan. Matt is all for it, but Luke isn’t a fan of killing anyone-no matter how evil they may be. Luke is the moral center of the group and it’s nice to see him standing his ground even if he does eventually cave.

The gang’s all here, the stage is set, it’s time to take the Hand down.

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