The Gifted Facebook Live Offers A Look Inside “The Mutant Underground”

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If you’re like us you’re hyped for The Gifted – Fox’s new show about mutants landing October 2nd.  Today was the day of the solar eclipse and as Marvel fans know Fox declared it Eclipse Day promising that fans of the show would get to chat with Sean Teale who plays the mutant Eclipse. The live chat was lively, fun, and showed a cast who clearly love to work together and who are passionate about delivering a great product based in the X-Men universe. And the live stream may have given us a few hints about just what’s to come for this “Mutant Underground” and its heroes.

If you missed the live stream we have few highlights that provide a look at stars including Teale, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, and Emma Dumont plus some details about the behind the scenes fun and what to expect when the show airs.

Dumont has said that Polaris is a “Daddy’s girl” through and through.  One of the major villains the cast hopes to see is Magneto. It makes sense, in the comics Magneto is Polaris’s father. He’s also one of Dumont’s favorite characters.  While multiple fans asked about Polaris’ green hair, Dumont’s only response was, “It’s coming”. Hopefully that means that the mutant might end up looking more like her comic book counterpart. Another fun part came when Dumont was asked who she would want to take on in the MCU. She answered with The Defenders star Jessica Jones. “There’s only room for one bad-ass brunette in Marvel,” she jokingly boasted.  We’d pay to see that fight for sure!

Meanwhile, Teale hosted the event and played moderator to questions ranging like which the cast prefers: tacos or burritos (they all prefer tacos). In turn he was asked about his favorite moment in the pilot (when the mutants are originally arrested by Sentinel Services) and his friendship with co-star Redford. Teale teased that he and Redford are no longer allowed in the background of scenes together because they laugh too hard – and that they’ve been cut out of scenes as a result.  As for hobbies, Teale says he’s more of a fan of The Walking Dead than Game of Thrones.

That’s different from co-star Jamie Chung who is a Game of Thrones fan. We know that Blink might have some issues controlling her powers and Chung is ready for the challenge.  She teased that she going to be at the heart of at least one love triangle. Chung also serves as the face of the mutant resistance along with Dumont has had fun warning mutants to unite in the face of Sentinel Services.  Chung was also one of the major instigators of an arm wrestling match between Redford and Teale. Redford won, but we have a feeling that’s in his contract (a contract that doesn’t allow him to wear sleeves by the way).

Each one of the cast talked about how proud they are to represent different ethnicities on the show. Teale answered questions in both English and Spanish (he speaks both) and Chung mentioned that she’s very proud of being able to play this character, but that there needs to be more Asian faces on television (we couldn’t agree more).  Redford, when discussing playing one of the few (very few) Native American characters talked about how proud he is to take on the role.  When asked if we’d see John Proudstar’s brother Warpath on the show he seemed to imply there’s no likelihood of him appearing yet. Fingers crossed we might see Jason Proudstar in a future season!

As for tidbits about the actual show, the cast teased that crossovers are always possible and that they have at least one more famous mutant cameo coming up, but no hints as to who or how and in what capacity.  They went on to share that while the sentinels could potentially evolve from the spider-like robots seen in the trailer they’re not there yet though the potential remains on the horizon.  One of the coolest things teased was the potential merging of mutant powers.  Teale promised that it will be “very exciting”. We can’t wait to see it.  When asked if there were any traitors on the show, each one of the cast members was quick to point out that there are no evil characters for the sake of evil.  There (so far) is no traitor lurking in the mutant underground and even if there were, “It all depends on your point of view.”

As for superhero fights between characters or television shows, The Gifted cast had nothing but love for their sister shows The Inhumans and Agents of SHIELD.  They stand by the Marvel Television Universe as a whole and seem like a more than worthy addition to this collection of awesome television shows.

Fox’s The Gifted drops October 2nd.

source: The Gifted Facebook

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