We Know Our Value: Fans React To Peggy Carter Returning To The MCU

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Fans of Agent Carter are abuzz with the potential for a return of everyone’s best gal – Peggy Carter.  The cancellation of Agent Carter was a huge loss to both ABC and the die hard fans who organize live tweet sessions of Peggy’s appearances, cosplay her and characters from the show, and work tirelessly toward’s Peggy Carter’s return.  She’s made multiple appearances, from animation to gaming but fans haven’t given up on a return appearance from Margaret Carter, and a potential return to the MCU.  She’s joined by a diverse list of characters who tackled everything from racism and sexism in the 40s to disability and non-traditional gender roles.

It focused on diversity behind the camera with episodes written by the amazing Brandon Easton and headed by Jose Molina (who you can currently catch working on The Tick). Amid all of that, Carter was just plain fun with musical numbers , fan parties, and tons more.   The question has been, when will Peggy return and in what form?

With the announcement of Captain Marvel being set in the 90s fans jumped on the possibility that Peggy might appear in Captain Marvel.  The internet has been going wild at the potential for a return from star Hayley Atwell.  Then, co-president of Marvel Louis D’Esposito dropped a bombshell:

Apparently Hayley had stopped by and posed for multiple photos, including one in front of art by Ryan Meinerding depicting Captain America and his howling commandos – where many would argue Peggy belongs.

The internet was shocked and former producer of Agent Carter didn’t help matters by tweeting about a “reason” that she was at Marvel.   Marvel loves gently teasing fans with sneak peeks and ‘seekrits’.  Is there something there?

Fans have begun to speculate.  Could this be a return to a show, an Agent Carter movie for a streaming platform? (SSR Agents will remember that Agent Carter was cancelled but that Marvel had talked about her return.) Marvel is very aware of the inspiring affect that Hayley Atwell’s portrayal of Peggy Carter has had on fans.

The fans themselves have been patiently waiting for the return of Peggy, never losing hope. The popular twitter feed Renew Agent Carter was created shortly after the series was cancelled by ABC and fans have hosted everything from meetups to “walk like peggy day” benefiting Alzheimers awareness.   The fans have also circulated several petitions and it appears that Marvel might be listening.  Much like the #CoulsonLives campaign, Marvel clearly cares deeply about it’s fans.

Check out some of these fan reactions below:


One way or another, the fans are more then ready for a return of the first lady of the SSR and the founder of SHIELD.  How would you like to see her come back? In Captain Marvel or in another movie? Perhaps on Hulu in a “final season” or an Agent Carter film in addition to Captain Marvel? Sound off and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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