Agents Of SHIELD: 5 People Who Should Direct In Season 5

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In the wake of rumors circulating the web about Clark Gregg becoming a director of SHIELD for real, the internet is buzzing. It wouldn’t be the first time that Gregg has stepped behind the camera. He helmed Trust Me, the short film A Breakfast Nook and  Choke based on the book by Chuck Palahniuk. While there’s no official confirmation yet if he’ll be stepping behind the camera, the concept got us thinking about just who we’d like to see step into the director’s chair, not just in the show but in the real world where it really counts. Agents of SHIELD has been a champion for diversity on screen and behind the camera. Should it continue? Obviously! Check out our list of 5 Directors we’d like to see become Director of SHIELD…in season 5.



We’d be remiss not to include Clark Gregg who has been a part of the MCU for over a decade. Fans love him, coworkers adore him (at least if Twitter is to be believed) and he’s just a general all around stand up guy. He’s got the experience, he’s got the know-how and he knows these characters and loves them. Over the past 5 years, he and the actors he’s worked with on the show, from the worst of the bad to the best of the good all seem to love working with him.

While he’s skilled in visual language, Mr. Gregg can deliver performances full of heart and emotion. Watching an episode directed by Phil Coulson who has been a figure in the pop-culture lives of Americans and indeed human beings around the world would be akin to watching home movies. We’ve had years to get to know him and he’s shared with himself who he is as an artist. This would be a fitting contribution, indeed a hall of fame marker for the actor who has given so much to the public.

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