Avengers Academy: Inhumans Event

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So the Inhumans event is in full swing now, and I took a couple days to get a feel for how to complete it. Maximus is now invading Earth with the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family under his control, especially Black Bolt. He is the grand prize character for the event so more on that once we arrive at that point. But first, we will go into the first episode of the event with Who to recruit, What costumes can I earn, and which Inhuman am I punching in the face. Oh and the most important question. Where’s Lockjaw?

He’s very soft spoken.

Episode 1: Medusa

How to Play:

This event takes a few cues from the other events and sort of brings them all in one big mess of stuff. As usual, there are buildings/decorations needed to earn items to recruit heroes or make costumes and an event mission board that will also provide items for combat and unlocking. This time around though the items used to unlock the decorations are also the items needed for the VS combat zone. We also get items that will open up crates in the event area from the combat zone which will give you more items for recruiting, the event currency, and level up tokens for your heroes. The combat zone will house the bosses again like how the recent Spider-Man event had it with Gorgon being the first Boss. Let’s move on to the characters for this episode.

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Starting right off the bat we are able to free Medusa from her cell. She tries her best to get to Black Bolt and the others but comes to terms with the fact that they may need to be roughed up a bit. To recruit her you will need 45 Red Terrigen Crystals from the Ruby Relics, 5 cans of Hairspray from the Terrigenesis Capsule, 72 Goblets from the mission board, and 7000 Attilan Artifacts which can be earned through just about everything in this event. She will be crucial in getting to Gorgon, the boss for this episode since Loki is the only usable hero in the combat zone outside of the premium character which is…

She may look sweet, but that hair is deadly.

You guessed it. Lockjaw is the premium character for this event and is a strong recommendation if you can swing the price. He’s a bit pricier in terms of premium characters at 745 shards, but when you recruit him you will get 200 back to use in the event. I totally understand if anyone thinks he’s a bit pricey because he is. If you do choose to recruit him the combat zone will be a breeze since he is much stronger than Loki and he also adds the keys needed to open the Ruby Relics to the mission board.

He’s a good boy.

And as always, there is a costume. But this time it’s a little different since the event treats the costumes as optional for moving into the next episode. Also if all 4 costumes are collected you will get a cell for Maximus. The costume is King Iron Man. Definitely an interesting costume, given the story of the event. To unlock this costume you will need 28 robes from the A.I.M. Hadron Collider area in the combat zone (I’m assuming that’s where you fight Gorgon), 55 Red Terrigen Crystals, 180 Crowns from the mission board, 24 Scepters from the Lockjaw Plush, and 1200 Attilan Artifacts.

That will do it for this episode of the event. Stay right here this time next week for episode 2 and as always here are some bonus screen grabs.

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Check out Episode 2 by going to the next page!

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  1. For Loki the FAQ states you can train his stats. I only see defense is there an offence out there from perhaps a outfit or location I don’t have. +4 points towards defense every 4 hours he isn’t doing something else seems pretty good.

    1. I did find out later that you could level his stats up to Level 10 before needing his catsuit. Not sure if this helped.