Did The Gifted Just Cast X-Men Villain Ahab And Hint At What Timeline They’re In?

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The X-Men universe is getting bigger, and the television show is starting to reflect that. With the news that Fox has cast Garrett Dillahunt as a “mutant researcher“, speculation began if the character had a comic book origin. According to screencrush, he does as the X-men villain “Ahab.” This is interesting news for the fledgling Fox television show and its timeline in particular. Does casting Dillahunt as Rodrick reveal a potential connection to a far more dangerous future as well as a world that might see the beginnings of the universe that spawned Logan? Time to begin to speculate. After all this comics character comes from a dystopian future.

In this case, Rodrick’s comic book counterpart becomes a mutant hunter known as Ahab who “reprograms mutants to hunt their fellow criminals.” That seems to be in line with the show’s “sinister agenda” that is apparently heralded by Dillahunt’s presence. In the comics, the formerly mild-mannered scientist joined researcher Moira McTaggert’s team on Muir island. Eventually coming into contact with the mutant Spoor, he tried to capture him. He lost his leg in the ensuing battle against the mutant who saw him as an aggressor and became a mutant hunter. He replaced his missing leg, much like the character in the classic novel with help from the Hellfire club.

In the comics, he dons a purple almost sentinel-like suit and has a prosthetic leg, but it’s unknown if the character will follow the same path as he does in the comics. Still, this offers a very real hint to X-Men fans paying attention. In Logan, we see the Reavers who have augmented themselves with a prosthesis. Knowing that the X-men and the Brotherhood aren’t around anymore to help with new mutants in the television shows, is this a clue that we could see a connection to the films and that the Strucker family exists in the darkest timeline?

Only time will tell. Do you think that this character represents a more direct connection to the comic book character? Is this a sign that we might see the beginning of “The Reavers” on The Gifted? Are you excited to see what this new character might do? Sound off and share your feelings in the comments below!

The Gifted hits TV October 2nd, 2017

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