5 Inhumans We Want To See On Marvel’s Inhumans

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We are excited to see Marvel’s Inhumans. There’s no doubt about it, from Black Bolt’s (Anson Mount) mysterious abilities to Medusa’s (Serinda Swan) majestic hair to the awesomeness of Lockjaw we want to see it all. With a series that’s expected to broaden our minds and bring a new dimension to the MCU, it needs to make an entrance. The Inhumans have unique characters and that means they need to be different from say – the X-Men- and there are so many to choose from. While we already know which character we are oin to see on season 1, here are some of the Inhumans we hope will appear on Inhumans in the future.


Dante Pertuz and his sister Gabriela are one of the most tragic yet inspiring stories in the comics universe. A former wedding drummer, Dante worked to support his pregnant sister Gabriela. Dante undergoes terragenesis when the cloud that created NuHumans passes through his neighborhood. His mother doesn’t survive the process, but it leaves him with the ability to light himself on fire and produce tremendous amounts of energy. He travels with his sister to Attain where the two of them learn about their Inhuman heritage. Gabriela hasn’t inherited the Inhuman gene, but her child has and while they try to find safety they are discovered by Lash.

Fans of Agents of SHIELD might remember Dr. Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood) who became the Inhuman Lash after his Inhuman DNA was activated thanks to a trap created by Daisy Johnson’s (Chloe Bennett) mother. In the comics Lash actually has a lot in common with Magneto. Introducing Inferno and to a Magneto like figure (perhaps Maximus?) would make for a very intriguing storyline.  We see a lot of the terragenesis cloud and what it’s like to be a nuhuman through Dante’s eyes. Having him face up to divisions in the Inhuman community would be a lot easier then someone so remote like Black Bolt.

IDEAL CASTING: Jake T. Austin has a Disney background (he was on Wizards of Waverly Place) and could easily bulk up to play Dante. The Disney background would help him portray the fish out of water aspect that Dante initially has while adjusting to the world of Inhumanity.  The audience deserves to see him interact with his mentor Gorgon in this and a future season.


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