5 Inhumans We Want To See On Marvel’s Inhumans

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The snake like Inhuman would be a bit of a project for any enterprising animator, however we’re game if Marvel is to see the spunky Inhuman make her cinematic debut.  While Naja’s backstory remains a mystery she seems fully adapted to her Inhuman heritage and takes a particular interest in Inferno’s history as well as his activities.  The snake-like Inhuman possesses a long tail, a cobra like hood and claws on both her hands and feet. She has wings underneath her arms that allow her to fly and and she has a pair of telescopic eyes that allow her to see things from great distances.

Naja hasn’t gotten a lot of backstories. Letting Inhumans share her story would add a unique and fun character to the MCU. If they continued their IMAX partnership, it would be cool to see Naja on the big screen flying like Spider-Man (she has quite a few Spider-Man characteristics including those wings). Naja would be a great fun way to introduce any characters who are skeptical about Inhumans and Attilan in particular to the world of Inhumanity.

IDEAL CASTING: Naja is, unfortunately, a character who would require quite a bit of CGI and possibly make-up. While fans originally thought that Raina (Ruth Negga) from season 1 and 2 of Agents of SHIELD was the snake-like Inhuman, we have yet to see the distinctive hood or see Naja fly. Our pick? Shraddha Kapoor has a thriving Indian film career and is young enough to stand toe to toe with characters like Daisy Johnson (that’s a match up we’d really like to see). She’s a popular Indian actress and played the Ophelia character in Haider, an Indian adaptation of Hamlet.  She can play the bounce in Naja and the seriousness as well.

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